Marketing Email Software Offers Benefits Your Email Program Can’t

benefits-lgAn email marketing campaign is one of the most cost efficient and effective marketing efforts your business can employ. If you’ve priced out a television or radio spot, or print advertising, you can see how email is much less expensive and can give you a substantial return on your investment. If you’re new to email campaigns you may think you can use your personal or business email program. Well you could, but you’d be missing out on the benefits of marketing email software programs. Marketing email software gives you control, personalization, easy management of subscriber lists, and many more benefits your email program can’t offer.

Less Time and Money

Marketing email software frees you up to concentrate on your business not managing your email marketing. Once you set up the subscriber lists and choose a template for your emails, it is easy to update your messages and send them out. Managing the new subscribers and subscribers that choose to opt out is much easier with marketing email software than with your personal email program. Instead of sorting through the entire list, the program will do it for you automatically. You don’t need a whole set of employees to manage your email campaigns since the marketing email software does it for you. This saves you many hours of work and money.

Immediate and Personal

Unlike print messages emails can be sent out in real time. For example if you have a limited time special you can send out an email urging customers to take advantage of it right then and there. You can also personalize each email with the subscriber’s name. Unlike impersonal bulk mailings, a personal email will give you more conversions and better marketing results.


Segmentation is easy with marketing email software. Segmentation is an important and vital part of any email campaign. It gives you a chance to target specific audiences, and perform A/B testing. Both of these benefits make your email campaign more effective and successful. A/B testing lets you try out different messages, formats, coupons, offers, and content to see which ones garner the best results.


Marketing email software makes it easy to craft valuable and interesting messages, and these messages have a greater chance to be forwarded than print advertising campaigns. It only takes a few minutes to share an email. Your subscribers can also share your email marketing messages on their social media sites. This gives you even more exposure for no investment.

Track the Numbers

You won’t know how successful your email campaign is unless you can track the analytics. Open rates, conversion rates, which links were clicked on, which landing pages receive the most traffic, and other important data can be tracked with marketing email software. Your personal email program just can’t do this, and you will be missing out on important information unless you use marketing email software.

As you can see email marketing software offers you and your business many benefits. If you’d like to discuss how we can help you contact The Mission Suite. We have one of the most powerful email marketing software programs, and we offer a free trial period for you to test us out.

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