Email Marketing Software Tips to Choosing the Best One

tipsYou can have the most interesting and engaging content, a huge subscriber list, but if you don’t have the right email marketing software all of this effort will be in vain. You need a way to distribute your emails and track your campaign’s progress, and email marketing software can give you the power to do both of these things. There are many companies offering email marketing software, and you may not know which one is right for your company. Here are some tips for you so you can make the right choice and get the results you want from your email marketing campaign.

Online or Integrated?

Some email marketing software programs are online, and others can be integrated into your CRM software. Which choice is best for you depends on your budget and how many people will be involved in your email marketing projects.

What are the Features Offered by the Email Marketing Software?

Unless the tools offered by the email marketing software you choose are ones you can use, you’re just wasting your money. Look carefully at the tools and features before you make your final decision. Here are some of the basic features you should look for.

  • Easy management of subscriber lists.
  • Ability to segment your subscriber lists.
  • Ability to send out different emails to different lists.
  • Subscription and opting out should be easy for contacts.
  • Provide you with reports so you can track your success.
  • Reports should include open rates, click through rates, which links were clicked, conversions, and emails that bounce back.
  • These reports should be automatically produced for each email sent out. This feature will save you a lot of time and money.
  • Templates should be available so you can craft emails without any technical skills.
  • The email marketing software should hide recipients’ addresses to protect the privacy of subscribers.
  • Scheduling emails should be an easy task.
  • High quality email marketing software programs should offer support. You should be able to reach a real person and ask questions. This can be in the form of an email or via the phone.

Offers to Subscribers

Email marketing software should make it easy to offer subscribers special deals. These may be coupons, a percentage off, free shipping, or an ebook or other gift. Marketing goes beyond just sending out emails, and your email marketing software should support your efforts. Look for a program that lets you create events, disperse coupons, conduct surveys, and offers social media integration. For example if you’re hosting a book signing your email marketing software should not only let you send out emails promoting the event, but help you with managing registration, and set up landing pages to collect fees and create conversions.

These are some of the features a high quality email marketing software should offer you. If you want a truly effective email marketing campaign contact us at The Mission Suite. We offer email marketing software that is state of the art and has all of the above mentioned features and more.  We even let you try it out for free, so ask about our free trial offer. Find out what a powerful email marketing software program can do for your business by contacting us today.

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