Email Advertising is Money Well Spent

money_smartFew advertising campaigns give you a bigger return on your investment than email advertising. Email is one of the cheapest ways to invest in your advertising budget and also one of the methods that produce results. Although other forms of internet marketing and advertising have been garnering a lot of press lately, the fact remains email advertising is still money well spent.

Some Interesting Findings

In a survey done last year by the Pew Internet Project it was found that email is among the most popular online activities done by adults with 92 percent checking their emails frequently, and 60 percent checking their emails every day. In their recent publication, Email Marketing Benchmarks: Key Data, Trends and Metrics, eMarketer predicts email will continue to grow through 2016. This means you have a vast potential to reach consumers through email advertising. A Yesmail study showed businesses that sent out promotional emails before launching a social media campaign saw a 100 percent greater click through rate.

How You Can Tap Into Email Advertising’s Power

When faced with such promising numbers, if you don’t use email advertising you could be missing out on the great potential it has to offer your business. If you have decided to use email advertising you may be wondering what the next step is. Here are some ideas for you to consider when entering the world of email advertising.

  • Newsletter advertising is one of the top performing forms of email advertising. With thousands of newsletters going out daily to subscribers you can find one that is in your niche and purchase advertising space. Banners or text and logo placement are two of the most popular forms of advertising in newsletters.
  • Solo HTML emails can produce the best return on your investment. These emails are usually sent out by you or a third party and contain only advertisements for your product. One of the advantages of this type of email advertising is you can target specific audiences based on demographics, income, age, and location.
  • Email list rental is similar to solo HTML email, but recipients are generated through an email list aggregator. It is crucial that you use a reputable list owner so that your email advertising isn’t flagged as spam. Email list rental can be very helpful if you have a very specific and targeted niche.

Tips for Success

Like all business ventures there are some thing you can do to improve your rate of success. One of the best tips is to use an email marketing software program. For example The Mission Suite offers a marketing software package that employs all of the proven and most effective email marketing tools. Some other tips include integrating your email advertising with social media, measure the success of your campaigns, don’t send all email drops to the same landing page since each product or service should have its own landing page, personalize all of your emails, and ask permission before you send out your emails.

Email advertising is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to market your products and services over the internet. Contact us at The Mission Suite with any questions you may have about email advertising. Ask about our free trial offer and let us help you develop and implement a powerful and effective campaign.

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