Why Email Marketing is So Effective


Email marketing has been a proven method for selling products and services, producing conversions, and building brand identity. It is much less expensive than print media or on air advertising. When done properly with planning and correct implementation email marketing will produce long term profits. It’s not an overnight solution to cash flow problems or to quick profits, but it is a tool every marketer needs in their arsenal. Here are some reasons why email marketing is so effective.


Email marketing has a broad reach. Just about everyone has an email address and some people have more than one. With the availability of wi-fi, mobile devices, and a computer in almost every home in the country you have the ability to reach a broad section of the population.


You can target your marketing efforts. While an email campaign has a broad reach, it also has the ability to be targeted to specific demographics and audiences. With email you can choose who to send your marketing messages to and segment your audience. You may want to use age, career, purchasing habits, income, and other criteria to segment your message.


Email marketing can give you valuable information. With the right software you can run reports which will give you valuable information. This information includes how many of your emails were opened, which emails produced click throughs, and which emails helped produce conversions. An agency can provide you with this information easily and on a regular basis so you can make adjustments to you message if needed.


You can build community and engage your audience. An effective email campaign helps you to pull your readers into your sphere of influence and build a strong community of followers. By adding valuable content to your emails and newsletters people will see you as an expert in your field and want to learn more from you.


Email marketing is much cheaper than print or on air advertising. Print and on air marketing takes a large up front investment. Email has almost no up front costs, and even if you hire an agency to head up your marketing efforts, you will find the cost much less than print or on air campaigns.


Email marketing is non-intrusive. Unlike television or radio marketing, email doesn’t interrupt what your readers are doing. Your email will sit in their inbox until they are ready to read it.


Email marketing works.  Email marketing is one of the best investments you can make as far as the return on your investment you will experience. It is one of the proven marketing efforts that have shown to be effective and produce results. While you won’t see a dramatic increase in sales and profits, if you are consistent and commit to long term results you will see results.


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