Tips for Marketing by Email

Tips for Marketing by EmailMarketing by email is an effective plan. It should be part of your company’s marketing strategy. Some of the reasons businesses don’t include marketing by email in their plans is they think it takes up too much time, won’t give a good return on their investment, and their emails will just end up in the trash bin. But a well planned and executed email marketing effort will give you results. You can head it up yourself, or hire an agency to take the helm. Either way you decide to go here are some tips to help make your email marketing plan go smoothly and get the results you want.

Part of an Overall Picture

Marketing by email is more than just sending out random emails to subscribers. You can integrate the following instruments to get the most of your email campaign.

  • Newsletters
  • Replies to customer requests
  • Personalized mailings
  • Your website
  • Forums, discussions, and social media
  • Autoresponders

All of these components combined with an email marketing effort will create a powerful marketing campaign.

Email Content Tips

Once you have your marketing strategy mapped out, it is time to write the actual emails and decide what type of content you will include. One of the most effective marketing by email tools is a newsletter. A newsletter is a way to share information, plug your products and services without looking like a commercial, and lets customers get to know you and your company. An important tip for newsletters is to personalize the greeting. This makes them feel less like a bulk mailing, and more like a personal email.

People will respond more to a personalized newsletter than to one that is generic. This concept goes for all of your marketing by email. Always include a personalized greeting. It is easy to do this with software tailored to sending out newsletters and bulk email messages. If you hire an agency to handle your email marketing, make sure they know you want all of your messages personalized.

Watch the use of exclamation points. Yes it’s okay to be excited about your products or services when marketing by email, but don’t end each sentence with an exclamation point! You’ll look unprofessional! It will drive your readers crazy! Just don’t do it! Okay seriously, use punctuation the way it was meant to be used and watch the use of extra exclamation points. Make important points more with well crafted content and not the use of exclamation points.

Let your ISP know you are starting an email marketing campaign. This will keep you from getting flagged as a spammer when you start to send out hundreds of emails. Your database admin or the agency you hire can take care of this task for you.

Marketing by email is an effective tool in your overall marketing plan. If executed correctly marketing by email will get you new customers, and make your current customers keep coming back. Contact The Mission Suite today to come up with a marketing by email plan which is right for your company.

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