Marketing with Email is Effective and Profitable

Marketing with Email is Effective and ProfitableMarketing with email is one of the most effective and profitable components in your marketing strategy. Although many experts are touting the benefits of social media, this alone won’t give you the results you need to grow your business. Marketing with email is still a viable and worthwhile venture for your business to use. Email marketing grew 20 percent in 2012, and it is expected to grow even more this year. This means an email campaign will get your products and services in front of the people who will take advantage of them, and grow your online brand image if it is done correctly. Since competition for recipients attention is fierce, you need to know how to implement an email campaign that is engaging and works.

Importance of a Fresh Contact List

Building a strong contact list is vital for marketing with email. You have to have the right list of contacts to connect with to produce results. If you’re sending out emails (no matter how well written and witty) to the wrong people you’re wasting your time. One way to be sure you have a quality contact list is to check open rates. The average open rate is around 20 percent. This is according to the Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study published by Silverpop in July 2012.

Another important rate to pay attention to is the click through rate. This number tells you the people who go to your website from the links in your email, and conversion rates (the number of people who take advantage of what you’re offering once they get to your website). If these numbers are lacking, you may need to revamp your mailing list. A fresh mailing list can make all the difference when marketing with email. If you’re not sure how to check these rates, hire an email marketing firm to handle your campaign.

Keep it Real and Keep it Simple

Avoid corporate jargon and sales buzzwords. When a reader opens your email they should know within the first few paragraphs what you are offering. Write your emails in the first person, and talk to them like a real human being, not a sales pitch. It’s okay to spice up your emails and make them interesting and even entertaining, but let your readers know what you are offering and how to take advantage of your offer. Don’t make them search for the link or way to access your website or find the link to click. The truth is they won’t search. They will delete your email. Marketing with email is just like any other online venture, keep it real and keep it simple.

Add a Social Aspect to Your Marketing with Email

It is human nature to want to share, so tap into this natural tendency by adding buttons so readers can share content to social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. One example of this strategy is from a firm who included a “tweet this” link in their headline teaser. Each week they highlight a tweet from a reader so that people will want to open their emails to see if their tweet is the one that made it that week.

As you can see marketing with email can be an effective and profitable inclusion in your overall marketing strategy. If you have questions on how to manage your email marketing efforts, contact The Mission Suite.

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