Advertising Email Approaches That Work

Choosing emailAdvertising email is one of the most effective marketing approaches you can use in business today. Every market, every niche, and almost every product and service can benefit from advertising email. Studies show email campaigns are some of the most cost effective ways to advertise. But before you start sending out emails there some things you need to understand about the world of email advertising. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, learn from experts with many years of experience like the marketing gurus at The Mission Suite. Here are advertising email approaches that really work.

Know What Real Value Means

The word value is thrown around a lot in the world of advertising email. But what does it really mean to your customers and potential customers? Value refers to what your customer gets from your product, service, or other offer. You have to give value to get value. In the form of advertising email the value you receive from your customers are conversions, loyalty, and word of mouth. Here are three traps to avoid when assessing value.

  • One-way value refers to thinking value means the same thing to everyone. You need to tailor the value you give your customers to what their needs are. When planning email advertising ask yourself what the value of what you’re offering may be to different types of consumers.
  • Sure you’re excited and even passionate about what you’re offering, but your readers may not hold the same feelings. Over estimating value is a common mistake email marketers make. Don’t set up unrealistic expectations for the value of what you’re offering.
  • Value means different things to different sets of consumers. It may be in the form or coupons, discounts, free shipping, or a bonus for acting by a deadline. Value may also be information, connecting with you, feeling appreciated and understood, and a sense of community. If you recognize it can have many meanings, you can offer your consumers something of real value to them.

Be Flexible

Email advertising is not a static venture. You have to be willing to tweak and switch up your advertising email efforts. What works this month may not work the next. Also test out different subject lines, content, and offers to see which ones get the most click throughs and conversions. Measure the success and failure of your marketing campaigns and know you will have to make adjustments to stay on top of the game.

Keep It Simple

There are an ever increasing number of so-called email marketing experts coming up with complex and intricate methods to convert readers. While sometimes new tactics can be effective, it is still a fact that basic professional advertising emails produce results. Here are three questions to ask yourself before you try to get fancy with your emails.

  1. Do you have an autoresponder message for all new subscribers?
  2. Do you give people a compelling reason to sign up for your emails?
  3. Are you testing out your emails to see how your readers see them?

When you first start out, use these three questions to formulate your advertising email campaigns.

Advertising email campaigns can be some of the most effective ways to create a strong customer base, improve customer loyalty, and draw more traffic to your website. At The Mission Suite we can show you how to tap into this profitable resource. Contact us today and ask about our free trial offer.

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