How to Write a Killer Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is a great way to draw in visitors to your website and create revenue for your business. But in order to do these two things, you have to know how to craft a newsletter people will actually want to read. Email newsletters are also a great way to create a connection with your readers. Here are some tips on how to write a killer email newsletter.

  • Create interesting subject lines. Don’t go generic and say “November Newsletter”. This is boring and as people are cleaning out their inbox will most likely get your newsletter deleted without ever being opened. Use something interesting that hints at what is inside the email newsletter.
  • Have a linked table of contents on the top of your email. This lets readers go right to what catches their eye. Most people are pressed for time and having a linked table of contents in your  newsletter saves them time and will make them more likely to read not only the first piece of interest, but the rest of your email newsletter as well.
  • Offer a text and HTML version of your newsletter. While most people prefer HTML today, there may be some people who still want to view the text version.
  • If you send your email newsletter out frequently it should be shorter than one which goes out once a month or less. People will not open a long newsletter each day, time and interest just don’t account for it. Keep frequent newsletters short, three pages or less. If you only send out al newsletter once a month, or once a quarter you can make them longer.
  • Make your email newsletter easy to read. Use a simple format. The optimal size is no more than 60 characters wide (this fits on most PC monitors). You can add images since these add interest, and use subheaders to break up your newsletter, but keep them from being too busy. Also don’t use a font which is hard to read. Courier 10pt is the standard for text.
  • Use the right tone. Printed newsletters are usually more formal than email newsletters. When sharing information about legal matters, your tone needs to be more formal. But for the average email newsletter you can relax and be less formal. You are after all trying to form a connection with your readers, so use a conversational tone most of the time.
  • Ask your readers to forward your email newsletter. People like to share, and this is an easy and free way to increase your circulation.
  • Another tip is to sign up for competitors newsletters to see what they are doing right, and avoid what they are doing wrong.

An email newsletter is a great tool to connect with your customers and potential customers, bring people to your website, and create revenue. Use these tips to create a killer newsletter and create a broad base of readers and customers.

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