How to Plan a Newsletter Email

Your digital marketing efforts should include a newsletter email plan. Creating a digital newsletter is much like creating a physical one. You have to make it interesting, attractive, and send it to the right people. With a newsletter email you need to remember that over half of your readers will be viewing it on their mobile device. This means viewing your email on a PC and a mobile device to make sure it is workable on both devices. Like everything in business, a newsletter email takes planning. Here are some tips to help you plan a newsletter email.

Don’t waste your reader’s time. People are busy and they don’t’ have time to wade through most of your email to find what they want. Make your content relevant and interesting. Have a linked table of contents at the top of your newsletter email so they can click right to what interests them.

Ask for contact information and remind them they gave it to you. Chances are your readers will forget they even signed up for your newsletter. Although it is a high priority in your life, your readers won’t be waiting on the edge of their seats for your next issue. Start you email newsletter with a phrase like “thank you for signing up for our newsletter” or another well executed permission reminder.

Stay relevant and don’t get flagged as spam. Relevancy is important in your newsletter email. In a recent survey by Q interactive and MarketingSherpa the reason people flagged email newsletters as spam included the following:

  • 41 percent cite receiving email which was of no interest
  • 25 percent said they received too much email from the company
  • 20 percent said they receive too much email from all senders

The definition of spam has changed in the last few years. Now it not only includes too much email, but emails which contain content which is not relevant to the original offer.

Design your newsletter email with a goal in mind. Have a definite reason you are sending the newsletter. Do you want to sell something? Have readers sign up for a service? Do you want to gather information or some other goal? Once you have your goal in mind, you can then take steps to design a newsletter email to reach this goal.

Give subscribers an easy way to opt-out. While you hope everyone loves your newsletter, there are some people who will want to unsubscribe. Give readers a link to unsubscribe from your emails on each newsletter. Don’t waste your time or theirs sharing a newsletter they will just delete without opening it.

Quality content is vital. Well written and original content is still vital to each and every newsletter. If you don’t have the time or talent to write it yourself, hire a professional writer.

Use these tips to plan and create a newsletter email that will get read. Once your readers open your newsletter they should find relevant content, and an easy to use design. A newsletter email will help to build your customer base, keep your customers informed, and get business to your site.

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