E-mail Marketing and Mobile Devices

Mobile internet use has sky rocketed in the past decade. With more affordable and powerful mobile devices being offered, this trend is expected to continue for some time. Your e-mail marketing efforts have to be mobile friendly to be effective. You can’t assume everyone is going to read your email in front of a PC, the fact is the majority of your readers are probably multi-tasking on their mobile devices as they read your e-mail marketing efforts.

According to IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile, in the third quarter of 2011 over 118 million mobile devices were delivered into customer’s hands. This is a 42.6 percent increase of this time in 2010. In Japan 57.3 percent of users access the internet via a mobile device, in Canada this number is 35.9 percent, Europe has 30 percent of users using mobile devices, and in the United States the number is a whopping 40.8 percent. In the United States mobile devices have surpassed PC sales. So you can see how important it is for you to have a plan to make your e-mail marketing mobile friendly.

Smaller Screens and Readability

Mobile devices have smaller screens than PC’s, this is a very important fact to remember when making your e-mail marketing mobile friendly. People will not take the time to scroll sideways constantly to read your e-mails, so keep them to one column and use a larger font.

Use less (or no) images. Images can take a long time to load, even on a PC. Mobile users are on the move and don’t want to wait for images to download. Offer an image free e-mail marketing plan so they can download your e-mail and read it quickly.

Mouse versus the Finger

Mobile devices don’t come with a mouse. Mobile users use their finger to navigate pages and click on links. When you are developing your mobile e-mail marketing campaign, make your navigation easier to use by employing large buttons. Large buttons work best on mobile devices, so avoid text links.

What Remains the Same

You don’t have to do a complete overhaul to make your e-mail marketing mobile friendly. Quality interesting content is still the number one tool no matter how your readers open your e-mails. You still need a call to action, and a way for readers to contact you. Include a reply-to option in each e-mail. Timing is also critical. Studies show mobile users check their e-mails on their devices in the early morning, and late afternoon. Keep this trend in mind when planning the timing for your e-mail marketing campaign.

E-mail marketing is an ever changing tool which is an effective way to bring customers to your business. With the rapidly growing mobile market share, smart businesses are adapting their e-mail marketing efforts for mobile use. Once you understand how readers use their mobile devices, when the best time is to send out your e-mails, and you can develop an e-mail marketing campaign which will be effective for PC’s and mobile devices.

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