Cut Out the Middle Man and Use Email Direct Mail

Cut Out the Middle Man and Use Email Direct MailDirect mail is a term used to describe physical mail advertisers send to you in your mailbox. Also known as snail mail, it is one of the most effective marketing tools businesses have today. Email direct mail is very similar in the digital world. Businesses send messages directly to a recipient’s inbox and provide a link consumers can use to purchase goods or services. In the world of email marketing, email direct mail is one of the most powerful tools to include in your overall marketing strategy. The beauty of this type of email marketing is the consumer can purchase directly from you, and you can cut out the middle man and make more profit.

Email Direct Mail and Digital Products

Email direct mail works best for digital products. For example an ebook is a great product to sell in a direct email. The consumer clicks on a link, the ebook downloads, and they have their product and you have the money. Another example is a website devoted to crafting. In their monthly digital newsletter they offer specials on the website. They then follow up their newsletter with an email direct mail offer which includes a link to purchase and immediately download patterns for crafters. This gives their customers two opportunities to take advantage of their products. The newsletter creates an interest, and the direct email presents the offer again with a link.

Gathering Contact Information

In order for you to have an effective email direct mail campaign you need email addresses. This may seem like a daunting task, but it is really very east to accomplish. On your website you should have an offer on each page to sign up for your monthly newsletter, or to join your mailing list. Offer something free like a coupon, percentage off their next order, or a free short ebook. People like to get things for free and will gladly offer up their contact information in exchange. Don’t just stop at their email addresses. This is a good time to collect some demographic information, too. Ask for their age range, nearest city, what they do for a living, and income range. Make some of the fields optional since some people may not feel comfortable answering such personal questions.

Timing of Email Direct Mail

Like in all things in life, timing is everything. Don’t flood your recipients mailboxes with messages. Space out your emails to every other day, or short emails each day. When you send emails is also important. Studies show emails sent near and on the weekend in the early part of the day get opened more often than any other time. During the week, evening is the best time to send out your email direct mail. This is because people are done with their work day and finally have the chance to go through their inbox and read what has been sent to them.

You can cut out the middle man and reap the profits of email direct mail. Well crafted message coupled with links to purchase products directly from your website will give you the results you want. If you don’t have time to manage your email direct mail campaign, contact The Mission Suite.

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