Advertising by Email – Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

Advertising by EmailEveryday people’s inboxes are flooded with advertising by email. Some emails get read, others end up in the trash bin. Ever since marketers have discovered the power of email marketing thousands of emails go out each day. This leads to what industry experts call email fatigue. When a person opens their email and sees hundreds of emails all vying for their attention, they can become overwhelmed. The good news for you (savvy innovator that you are) is not many email marketers take the time to make their advertising by email unique. This is where you have the chance to stand out above the crowd and get your email read and acted upon. Here are some tips to do just that.

Value your Subscribers

In the early days of advertising by email, it was a common practice to send out unsolicited emails to everyone you could find. Today this technique is the surest way to get deleted and reported for spam. Instead value your subscribers and ask their permission to send them your emails. Have opt-in forms on your website, and offer an opt-out link on each email. Permission based advertising by email is one of the best ways to have long term success. Once you have their permission guard their email addresses carefully. Never sell them to anyone. Like all relationships, respect is important.

Be Professional

It doesn’t take a degree in marketing to be successful with advertising by email. What it does take is being professional with your message and the way in which you deliver it. Your competitors know this, and your readers expect it. Planning, design, copywriting, and managing subscriber databases takes time and effort to be done correctly. If you don’t have the skills or the time, consider outsourcing this task to a professional agency. You’ll still have control, but the agency will take care of the actual business of advertising by email.

Deliver Something Useful

People want to know what is in it for me. This should guide the way you write your copy so that it delivers value. Newsletters must be timely, relevant, useful, and unique. Promotions need to be delivered to the right audience, and give them a good value. When advertising by email build relationships with your readers. This will create long term success. You can do this by engaging your readers. Make your copy friendly and be sure it has a human voice. Be different. Look at your competitors emails and find ways be unique and stand out from the crowd. You’re not the only one wanting your reader’s attention, so make sure you offer something no one, or very few, offer.

These tips can help you with your advertising by email efforts. Remember to be unique, be interesting, and be respectful of your readers. If you have any questions about advertising by email contact the experts at The Mission Suite.

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