Combining Social Media and Email

There are so many available ways to make connections online and you can’t just rely on email marketing to get great results. When used separately social and email are powerful tools, but used together they can really bring your customer engagement up to new heights.

Here are some tips for combining social and email: 

  • Use social media to get more people on your opt-in list. With a Facebook page for your business, you can provide page visitors an opportunity to “like” you and to register to be part of your email; on a Twitter account you tease followers with short blurbs from an upcoming newsletter or an offer.
  • Flip the first tip and use your email to boost your social media fans and followers. In email marketing messages, you can invite people to find you on Facebook and Twitter using embedded links and buttons. It is a great opportunity to expand your social presence for free. You could even offer a reward or special offer for those in your email program that “like” or “follow” your page.
  • Identify your effective channels. Take time and learn what is working for you. Find out what social media sites your customers use and if they are talking about you. There are many third-party tools you can use that help you understand where your social media focuses should be and data tools that can help you understand a little more about your social fan base. You could also survey your customers to get the info straight from the source. Learning how you and where you are being talked about it important if you need to do damage control, address an issue or just acknowledge someone’s great experience.
  • Use sharing links. Make sharing your awesome email content simple. Include share buttons so your email subscribers can post the content they find interesting and share-worthy to their pages.
  • Create great email content people will want to share. Some content people share because it is informative; some share good deals and offers with their friends. There are lots of types of content that can go viral; such as events, product reviews, insider information, worthy causes and good deeds, and things that are just plain funny.
  • Integrate all your online marketing channels. They should work together harmoniously and complement each other. Social media channels generally offer tools that make integration an easier process so take advantage of them and create a seamless online presence. 

The internet is all about connection and communication, so it is important to connect your email and your social media efforts in a way that promote optimal communication conditions. When you integrate well, you will be well rewarded.

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