Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time of year people generally do a big clean sweep to start fresh for the coming seasons.  Spring is also a time for spring breaks, a time when you recharge your batteries and refresh your wellbeing. You can apply the same principal to your email marketing campaign. You can apply the following tips to help reinvigorate your program and help you to freshen up your campaign.


  1. Spruce up your design. Your email templates need the occasional freshen up. People will notice and react to change and creative redesigns can lead to a lift in your stats that can last several weeks. Don’t forget to apply some of your analytics to your refresh process. It is important to test your new layout to ensure a successful creative redesign.
  2. Use your manners. Say thank you! The later parts of spring can mean a slow down. But you can’t run full steam ahead all season long; everyone has a slow period. In your slow times, mix up your regular routine and instead of a newsletter, try sending a well-thought and well-written thank you letter. You could also help build brand loyalty and recognition by spotlighting a charity your company supports or highlighting your community outreach efforts. You want to show them that you are a versatile and multi faceted company with a personal side to help build your relationship.
  3. Reengage. If you aren’t actively running a win-back campaign, consider building it into your campaign calendar. The first steps are to define what constitutes an inactive and put them into lists to target them with your reengagement campaign. It is important to understand the benefits of win-backs. You can really tap into potential that is already in your database.

Email marketing campaigns need maintenance and springtime is a perfect time to look over your campaign and make necessary changes in order to keep recipients feeling refreshed and actively engaged with your company on a personal level. Spring cleaning is a good annual routine to implement in your marketing program.

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