Create Compelling Offers

In order for your email marketing to be ultimately successful you need to get your recipients to respond to your emails and the best way to do that is making quality, honest offers. Creating quality offers can be a little bit of a task, but it is worth the time, thought and energy you spend. When you create compelling offers that your recipients are interested in, you will be rewarded with valuable responses.


A great offer needs to be valuable to the recipient of the email. After offering to provide something valuable like a discount or expert information, it needs to be presented in a way that helps people take action on it easily. A great offer can provide value to the recipient by saving them money or time, or by creating a valuable opportunity for the email recipient. Your offer needs to be relevant to the goals of your campaign and relate to your business. Be sure that when your offer is acted upon it will generate the success that meets your business objectives.


Your offer must be attractive to the email audience in order to be successful. Once you evaluate what offer is a best fit for your objectives, you need to make sure your offer is crafted in a way that makes it easy to understand. It also needs to be unique so that it piques your intended audiences interests. It also needs to be attractive to as wide of an audience as possible, and on that note, it needs to be shareable. Your offer should be shareable because almost everyone social networks and emails with the friends and family, so if an offer seems like something that a friend or family member would be interested in, they may share it, bringing in new business leads you otherwise may not have gotten.


Here are some tips to consider when creating and critiquing your offer:

  1. The lower the commitment, the more easily people will respond to it.
  2. Keep things simple, and quick as possible. Lengthy and complex offers will be abandoned and avoided. Provide a path to conversion that is obvious and easy to follow.
  3. Even the best graphic design cannot save a bad, misdirected offer.
  4. Keep the offer consistent with your brand and business.
  5. Timing is always important. Right place, right people, right time.
  6. The reward needs to justify the work the recipient puts in. The savings or benefit to the customer needs to be in line with the time and efforts that are required of them.

The complete offer and how it is presented can really make or break the success of the email marketing campaign

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