Automated Emails: The Dark Side

Technology is quite advanced and with all the internet marketing going on, it is no surprise that things have become at least partially automated. Email is a branch of internet marketing that has become easily automated. Sending automated messages to an audience that is accustomed to receiving responses instantly is a good plan, but you have to prep the automated messages and formats in order to fully receive the benefits. In the same way marketing emails that you write and send yourself can be the opposite of helpful, you can also make a lot of missteps if you’re not careful with the automated messages. Automated emails need to follow some of the same practices of messages you send your self. Here are some practices to avoid.

  • Bad “from” and subject lines

People don’t generally open emails from people that they don’t know. If an employee’s name is in from section (like the sales rep or person authoring your emails), rather than the company name, you may get sent to trash bin. If your brand name is in the “from” line, you will be recognized and your message has a better chance of being viewed.  Subject lines are the same way. If something sounds fishy or doesn’t interest the recipient they probably won’t open it. People have short attention spans and don’t want to waste their valuable time looking at something they aren’t interested in. Although, if they opted-in to receive the messages, they probably have some interest in what you are offering.

  • Misleading content, flat design or too lengthy

In the same ways that you set up your messages you create and send yourself, you need to follow the same guidelines. Your content needs to be honest, but enticing at the same time. It also needs be creative and attractive to the eye of the reader. A good rule for email in general is keeping things short and sweet, so you won’t bore the reader.

  • Over aggressive attitude and no value

Your content is important and it needs to be valuable to the recipient in order to have any chance of getting clicked through or followed up on. You can showcase value to the reader in short snippets and leave them wanting more; but be wary of putting yourself too out there. Being very aggressive with your sales pitch and making the reader feel pressured to buy will get you no where fast. Start slow, entice the reader, but give them the option to pursue further if they are interested.

Always bring your best practices and your manners to the email marketing table- whether it is automated or sent from you personally.

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