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Privacy policies are very important in today’s internet world. With huge companies like Facebook and Google updating their policies in big ways, user privacy is a hot topic and is on the forefront of many internet users minds. A privacy policy communicates necessary legalities, who you are, how you collect and store data, how you use data and how a customer/user can control that use of their personal data. According to law, you must display an obvious link to your privacy policy on your website and at all the points of data collection.  You can build customer trust and confidence with your privacy policy, and customers feel comfortable while doing business with you online.  An ideal privacy policy is easy to find and read and it should explain all the information that the site visitor needs to know about how you handle personal data that they give to you. It is also a promise to your visitors, subscribers and customers that you will act accordingly upon on the statements you made in your privacy policy.  Here is a basic outline of content that should be included in your policy:

  1. Affirm what data you collect. Examples are name and title, contact information, and demographic info like postal code, interests, transactional data.
  2. Explain exactly what you do/plan to do with personal data, and include what you will NOT do.
  3. Give the physical address of the Data Controller.
  4. List out group companies, if applicable.
  5. Explain your policy concerning the use of cookies, how/why you use them.
  6. Clarify your policy on data transfer overseas (if you don’t do this, tell that)
  7. State how a customer or visitor can access the personal data you have about them.
  8. Tell them about your data security. Include the physical, electronic and business practices that are in place to secure and protect their information and the information you collect on them.

Privacy policies are important and with all the technology and data collection abilities coming forth all the time, it is important to update your privacy policy and maintain the trust with your visitors.

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