Behavior-Based Emails

There are a lot of different types of messages you can send in an email marketing campaign. One that can be particular helpful for up selling, cross selling and completing a sale is behavior based message. With behavior based messaging you want to cater to the subscribers interests without completely surprising them with your knowledge of their personal info. You shouldn’t completely forego the idea of behavior based messages; young people that have grown up surrounded by the internet almost expect behavior based messages. It is important to re-target your subscribers with content that is timely and relevant by using all the data that you have. Below are a few tips for messaging in a behavior based campaign.

Browse Behavior

Instead of sending the message about the specific products they were searching for, send a general topic message. If they were searching couches, send them a message about living room furniture in general. You can phrase the text like: “We noticed you were interested living room furniture; here is a special offer on couches”

Previous Purchase

Thanks to companies like Amazon, internet shoppers are accustomed to receiving ‘recommended products” messages after they make a purchase. This is a great idea and a great place to cross sell and up sell. You can send them offers or information on accessories and products that can improve the experience they will have with the product they just purchased.  For example, if they just bought a tablet, you could offer protective cases, headphones,  or anything related to their purchase.

Abandoned Cart 

Using an abandoned cart message is a good way to get the visitor to complete the process. You can use this not only for abandoned  shopping carts, but abandoned forms like half completed applications or sign ups. When messaging about the abandoned cart or form, be sure to remind them of the benefits to what they were originally doing, you could even give an extra offer to boost their interest.

It is important to maintain trust with the recipient of your behavior based messages, the inbox is a very personal space. But, it is also important that you send timely and relevant messages to the subscribers.

It’s a balance, but it is possible and doing so can really give your campaign a boost.


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