Techniques to Increase Your Click Rates

You worked really hard to create an awesome email and you want to make sure that you get the very best results possible. You want to make certain that people who are reading your emails are clicking the links inside. When you are involved in something it sticks in your brain better, so getting a recipient to interact with your email (example: clicking links) will stick you in their minds as well.

Here are a few tips on how to get your recipients to your website.

  1. Be moderate. Sell what you are trying to sell, but not so obviously. Provide links for more information, rather than links to buy now. When you supply the link to buy more, you can offer the chance to buy on that informational landing page.
  2. Temptation. Entice them, make them feel like they have to know more, see more or buy more. Create a teaser and provide a link to the rest of the information.
  3. Benefits are big with consumers. People are willing to take a little time, click that link or visit your website if it may be valuable to them. Make sure you are showing them a clear benefit to clicking the links. People don’t put too much thought into reading your emails, make the benefits obvious; instead of saying “View Offer”, try “Get Your $25 Coupon Here”
  4. Provide the full link. Embedded links are great but you should provide the full URL also. People want to know where the link will take them and where they are going.
  5. Clarity is the key. Your URLs and embedded links should be clear. Example: “Read an article about how to save on your monthly electric bill here:”.
  6.  Temporary links create urgency and are great for limited time offers. Example: “Coupon only available until Tuesday, February 07”.
  7. Permanent links are great for pages that the recipient may bookmark, refer to a friend or visit repeatedly. If it is something you can expect them to save, such as an article or resource, it is a good idea to make it a permanent link. The more helpful the page is to the reader, the more likely the reader will reference it.

Increasing your click rate is important; you put a lot of effort into your emails so it is essential to reap the full potential from them.

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