Streamlining Your Email Content

Regarding your actual email content, less is more. Subscribers are ruthless; spending usually just seconds skimming marketing emails before moving on to the next one. The inbox of a subscriber is a cut throat place, so your emails need to be light and easily scanned for important information. Cut the clutter and create crisp content that doesn’t bore the recipient and put you in the trash bin.  Cleaning up your campaign can improve your response and click-through rates if follow some simple guidelines. Here are some tips on how to improve your copy.

Be a strict editor.  Using unnecessary words can inflate you emails and make them tedious to skim and cluttered in appearance. Write your text and go back over it, more than once if possible or necessary to cut all the superfluous junk.  By cutting fluff phrases and bulky long sentences and replacing them with quick to the point expressions, you will improve the messages over all flow, keep your readers engaged, and make your emails easier to understand.

Break up your paragraphs.  The norm used to be five sentence paragraphs, but thanks to the fast paced world of technology with social media, smart phones and tablets, people are pressed for time. Your proper paragraphs are great, but they will be ignored. People need to get their information quickly., so try to streamline your paragraphs into a few sentences. If you still want to present your well written , but rather long paragraph, link to it somewhere in the email.

Speak directly to your audience.  Is your email speaking to your subscribers? Or is it speaking about something and giving them a listen in? Your readers want to know you are interested in them on personal level and have a connection with them.  For example, instead of writing: “retailers face many issues regarding inventory management” , you could use a phrase like: “we understand that you face inventory management challenges in your business.”  When you show the readers you care about them and can empathize with their problems, they will feel a personal connection and be more interested in what you have to say.

Once you have the subscriber lured in with your awesome subject line, it is important to keep them reading and dazzling them with your words can help you to sell your goods and services, or promote your events. Finding a good balance between too heavy and too light is a challenge for all, even the most experienced.  Cutting your content campaigns down can really bring your bottom line up.

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