Trigger Based Emails

Trigger based messages are emails that are sent automatically, based on important events related to your subscribers actions.  It is an approach of email marketing that can make a huge difference in the results from your email marketing campaign. Welcome messages, reminders to repurchase needed products, ‘we miss your business’ messages and celebratory birthday emails are just some examples of trigger based emails. Trigger based messages are usually up-selling, re-selling or cross-selling, so be certain that special offers relate to your subscribers interests and known needs. For example, an office supply store could send a reminder to buy toner or ink after a certain period of time from the last purchase. Trigger messages are a great avenue for incentives and offers. The office supply store could send a message with a special offer on paper because the subscriber just purchased toner. But, if you use trigger based email programs, you must establish rules and limits so you wont overwhelm the recipient’s inbox with trigger messages.

There are three basic types of trigger based emails: transactional, recurring and threshold.

Transactional emails are based on established transactions with subscribers such as purchases, updated profile/preferences or opt-ins. Transactional emails are great for reinforcing your brand, promoting specific services and/or products and building trust. Recurring trigger messages are messages based on some regular, periodic event like a birthday, date of renewal for a service or a re-order of a product. Recurring messages are a great way to re-sell a product sold to the subscriber before. Threshold trigger messages are based on subscribers reaching a certain level with the program, such as VIP purchase amounts, one year subscriber, first time subscriber, etc.

Trigger messages are a great way to get back subscribers that have gone a little inactive. Using a trigger message concerning abandoned shopping carts or missed business are great opportunities to offer incentives to come back and complete their purchases.

Using trigger based email programs can really help bring positive results to your email marketing campaign by reminding subscribers to click, visit and purchase and rewarding them when they do. Considering adding trigger based messages to your email marketing campaigns is a smart move.

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