Things to Watch for in 2012

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This is an age where technology rules and it is always changing and evolving. In order for your email marketing campaigns to be successful you need to pay attention to the changes in technology and where the focus is.





Brand connections are a huge deal. It is important to build a relationship with your customers and potential customers. The internet is big place and you have lots of competition so it is essential that you connect personally with your customer so they are familiar with you and your brand. You can really advance your brand connections by targeting and personalization. Connect with a target market and personalize your email messages. If you have their information, use it to your advantage and personalize your connections and correspondence.

Technology is at our fingertips 24/7 and that means your business is too.

Mobile email and commerce is a growing opportunity. Mobile commerce is projected to reach $10 billion this year, so get your piece of it. With the popularity and presence of smartphones and tablets, people are using their phones to check emails and make purchases so make sure you are not wasting an opportunity. Making sure that your email is mobile user friendly is the first step.

This is a fast paced market and people don’t spend much time on any one thing, especially not marketing emails so make the best use of your space and time by creating an email marketing campaign that is top notch.  You have to engage the reader and create trust. Spam is an ever present force and it makes things complicated for legitimate, permission based emails. People are also very cautious of spam so be sure you are building trust so you don’t get sent to the trash folder or marked as spam.

The internet is tangled up in nearly everything we do and consumers spend a lot of time online so, don’t be afraid to integrate across channels; such as social media, email and mobile apps.

Analytics are important. You can get so much information from email marketing campaigns so you need to be checking on your data and statistics you are getting. Not using your data is a serious wasted opportunity for improvement.

In 2012, be sure you are mobile friendly (or at least making that a goal), using your space and time to the best of your ability, using your statistics and data and creating lasting brand connections. Don’t let your business get left behind.

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