Optimizing Opt-In

List building is an important part of your email marketing campaign, but in order to build a list you need a way for people to sign up.  A easy way to have people opt in to your messages, is to place a sign up box on your website. Website visitors don’t usually search for an email sign up form, but if its right in front of them with clear benefits and a trustworthy privacy policy, they might sign up.

The first step is making sure the visitor can find your sign up box. You need to make your sign up box very visible. You don’t want it to be obnoxious, but it does need to be obvious. You can make the box stand out by bolding the words or the entire box and using colors that draw attention to it. The sign up box should catch and draw the visitor’s eye towards it.

Another way to bring attention to it is placement. Consider placing multiple sign up boxes on multiple pages. Maybe one somewhere near the top of the home page, or hovering boxes on other pages , or even one at the bottom of every page. The sign up box needs good visibility and placement to bring the visitors to it, and make them at least notice it.

Once the visitor is looking at your sign up box, you need to make sure you showcase the benefits of your emails and set expectations. You should mention frequency somewhere in the box: “weekly newsletters”, “bi-weekly updates”, “monthly coupons”.

You should also clarify what will be sent. Will you be sending them information on new products, company updates, coupons or specials, etc? People want to know what they are getting in to. If possible you could link to an example or preview of what you send.

Offering an incentive with sign up is a great way to really hook the visitor’s interest. If the visitor thinks they have something to gain by signing up, they probably will sign up. But be sure that it is a targeted incentive, because you want to make your audience is interested in not only the incentive, but your business as well.

Another good practice is making the privacy policy and opt-out clear. People want to make sure they can trust you with their information. Being upfront about your policies and how they can opt out if they choose is a way to put yourself out there and show them that you can be trusted.

An organically made email list can be a great way to generate more business and can usually be counted on to be more responsive. Sign up boxes are a major tool to build a beneficial and valuable  list.

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