Common Mistakes

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Here is a list of 12 common mistakes in email marketing. Watch out for these in your own email marketing campaigns.

  1. Lack of Permission– Do not try and get around this one, with all the law and legislation on SPAM and permission, your best bet is to get your email list organically.
  2. Irrelevance– Content relevancy is key; if you are irrelevant they will delete you. Be sure you are meeting their expectations when it comes to content, give them what they signed up for.
  3. Lame ‘Welcome’ Emails– Don’t waste what may be your best marketing email opportunity. 
  4. Personalization– sending robotic sounding, cold emails will make it hard to connect personally with your recipients. Give them preferences, options so they can personalize the emails and content they receive from you.
  5. No Interactivity– Social media is not the only one who can play the interactivity game. After all, email was once the relationship building medium on the internet, and it still can be.
  6. Frequency– Be careful with frequency, sending too much or too little can really affect the success of your email marketing campaign. Also, be sure you are sending as much or as little as you said you would at sign up; meeting recipient expectations is huge.
  7. Deliverability– Legislation and filters are getting tougher all the time, be sure you are up on the latest practices and law to help improve your deliverability.
  8. Format– Text versus HTML; it is best to have both as an option. But, if you must choose, pick one that makes the most sense for your content and your subscribers.
  9. Disregarding Mobile Readers– Ignoring your mobile email readers is a big mistake. It is more important than ever to be smartphone/mobile compatible, thanks to iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

10. Repetitive Ad Types– Beware of ‘banner blindness’!  Banner blindness is a web user phenomenon where users have a tendency to ignore banner ads completely.  Mix up your ad types and create a good layout for your email message that puts the reader’s focus where you want it.

11. Ignoring Your Stats– A good analysis of your email marketing statistics to determine effectiveness of the campaign.  Take advantage of the fact that you have usable data on the habits and clicks of your readers.

12. Relying on Email only– Broaden your horizons; don’t be scared of social media and text messages. The tech world is a fast moving one, don’t get left behind!

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