5 Email Marketing Mistakes

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1. Making it difficult to unsubscribe or change email preferences. The reader may want to alter the frequency or change their preferences instead of opting completely out of the messages. If this is difficult or not even possible, they may just unsubscribe. If a reader no longer wants to receive your messages and they don’t have a clear way to opt out, the reader will generally mark the messages or sender as ‘spam’ so they can stop receiving them.  If you want to help stop spam complaints make the unsubscribe link easy to find and the unsubscribe process simple.

2. No welcome message or waiting too long to send the first message. In order to really nail your brand to their brain, you need to send a message while you are still fresh in the recipients mind. If they are new on your list, they probably just  visited your website. When you wait too long to initiate contact, the recipient may forget who you are and mark you as unwelcome spam.

3. Over mailing. You don’t want to flood their inbox and annoy the recipient. Keep your messages consistent but contained. Also, be clear up front about the frequency of the emails they are signing up for so they know what to expect.

4. Relying on graphics. With technology the way it is today, many people can check their email on a number of personal devices. Graphics may not be compatible or easily seen on some devices. Some graphics may be too large or complex and slow to download, the recipient may lose patience  and delete it without even seeing the message.  If you are relying on graphics, your message might not make it.

5. Using a person’s name instead of the company name in the “from” box.  If the recipient doesn’t recognize the person’s name, they will mark it as spam and move on. If they see the company name, they will most likely recognize it as safe and welcome.

There are many things that can hurt the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign, but they are generally simple fixes and changing a few of your techniques and tactics can drastically improve your success.

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