Word of Mouth Marketing Stemming from Email Marketing

Sometimes the benefits of email marketing are quite different than expected. Most internet marketers understand the basics of email marketing which is to email materials in a promotional products site and information to a large group of Internet users to promote an interest in your business, products or services. This is a simple concept to understand but occasionally there are added benefits to email marketing. This article will cover the basics of email marketing and how email marketing has potential to be much farther reaching than planned or expecting. This additional reach can be a god thing or a bad thing depending on the quality of the original emails and the reaction of the original recipients.


Email marketing is a simple concept that is also very cost effective. The general idea behind email marketing is that an email sent to a distribution. These emails are intended to create an interest in the products or services offered by the business sending the email. In theory this idea could not be simpler but in actuality, things can get more complicated. One of the biggest complications is potential for the emails to be viewed as spam by either the recipient or by the recipients email spam filter.  The Internet marketers sending the emails have to make a significant effort to make certain that their emails are not trapped in spam filters or immediately deleted by recipients who view the messages as spam.

Once the messages get to the recipient, there is a small window of opportunity to make a good impression on the recipient and influence him to at least visit the businesses website or better yet, to actually make a purchase. Providing quality content, minimal and subtle advertisements and providing clear, to the point information are all factors that can help entice the potential customers to visit the website and learn a little more about the products or services being offered.

The primary goal of an email marketing campaign is to persuade the recipient to visit the website and learn more about the products and/or make a purchase. When an email recipient does one or both of these things, its considered a success, but thanks to the power of the forward button, email marketing can be largely more successful than originally intended.

One of the great aspects of email marketing is that when the recipients receive an email that contains worthwhile information, they are likely to make a purchase and may forward the email to a friend or family member that they think may be similarly interested in the information as well. Email forwarding can be compared to word of mouth marketing. The ability to forward messages can be exponentially more effective than word of mouth,  because with just a click or two the original recipient can send the email on to several friends at once. This can result in a significantly better outcome and a larger audience than the business owner had expected.

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