Permission, Value, Brevity, etc.

Email marketing is a great tool for business, but there are some issues to consider with an email marketing campaign. You need to think about how you got the email addresses you are sending to and if you have permission to send them, the value of your offer/info/product to the recipient, brevity of your message, interaction with your audience within the message and branding your company’s image. These are important factors that need consideration.

Permission: This has a lot to do with privacy of information. If the recipient did not give you their email address or authorize you to send them emails, you will be viewed as spam or unwanted if you even make it past spam filters. It is important to have permission to send your message. Email is a private, personal communication and people do not like their email inbox being invaded by messages with senders they don’t know. This is where organic email marketing comes into play. It’s important to get the recipients email personally, not from a third party. Whether that means having a sign up form on your website or you get them from networking at an event, when the recipient at least recognizes your name you have your foot in the door.

Value: You got into their inbox, now you need to show them that you should stay there. Show the value of your business, product, or information. People like to feel that they are special and included, so make a special offer to your email subscribers only. If the recipient believes that being on your email list will be a benefit to them, they will most likely stay. A special offer can be practically anything, it could be privileged information in a newsletter or coupon codes for your products or services. It just needs to fit your business type and be a value to the customer.



Brevity: People get so many messages in their inbox daily, it is important not to have a message that is too long. Keep things short and sweet. Someone might read a long message from a relative but they most likely will not give you the same thought. Time is so valuable these days and people don’t want to waste it. You can make your email message easy to scan to avoid being ignored. The recipient needs to be able to scan your email and easily pick out the important information. You can help highlight the stuff that you want to stick out by your layout and email design. Just be careful not to go overboard and overwhelm the recipient.

Interaction: Your email needs to have a little personality so that the recipient doesn’t feel like they have a received a cookie-cutter message that has no feeling or passion behind. If your email shows excitement  about the product/service you are offering, the recipient will pick up on that. Be sure to put the passion you have about your business into your marketing.

Branding: Email is a good way to enforce your brand and image. You can showcase what makes you special, your image, the vibe you want customers to get from you, etc. With technology the way it is now, a little bit of  graphic design can really go a long way and help show the recipient what makes your business special. This is a great tool to help with branding your image, don’t let it go to waste.

Permission, value, brevity, interactivity and branding are important things to keep in mind when email marketing.


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