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5 Proven Email Marketing Concepts To Get Your Emails Read Every Time

There is no denying that email marketing is an important part of any business and understanding the email marketing concepts that apply to your business – whether it is a brick and mortar business, an online store or a service based business – is even more important to running a successful campaign.

Understanding Basic Email Marketing Concepts is Important

Let’s face it – these days everyone has email. What’s more it’s showing up on your computer, your phone – even your wrist. Email has become a more vital method of communication than the mail in your mailbox. It is inexpensive and fast, as compared to traditional mail and there are many proven benefits to email marketing campaigns.

With so many businesses using email, their inboxes can get overloaded, sometimes it is better to hire a professional company like to help out. Beyond that, spam filters are getting more aggressive and just deleting what doesn‘t immediately strike an interest. Below are some key email marketing concepts that can help you stay our of the virtual trash bin and keep you in the potential customers inbox.

1 . Keep it professional…and make it look good

With the insane amount of junk that people receive – not to mention new viruses constantly causing concern – its important that your audience trusts you. Otherwise why would they even open your email? If  you go into a sloppy business with untrained employees, are you going to trust them with your money? Probably not.

The same goes for your email marketing campaigns. If your message seems sloppy, overcrowded or carries little to no valuable information no one is going to give it a second thought. You may get them to open your first one. But they’ll quickly figure out that you’re not worth their time. A little professionalism can go a long way. Your email is the image of your business you are putting out there and you are creating your brand identity.

2.  Brand familiarity matters

If you bought an email list from a third party and the recipient has never even heard  about your brand or products, they will more than likely delete it without even opening it. This is one of the most important email marketing concepts to consider if you want to avoid the spam filters. If you acquire your email list organically, through previous contact with the recipient who willingly provided their email address and showed an interest in your business, they are  much more likely to open and read your email. For more information on the importance of your brand you need to read this brand monitoring guide.

3. Give people a reason to go back to your site

Exclusive promos and clear benefits to opting in to the email campaign are important. Email newsletters or exclusive email deals keep you top of mind. If the recipient feels that they will benefit from being on the email list, they will stay on it. Many clothing stores email coupons and savings to their subscribers that are exclusive to the customers on the email list, and give bonus benefits to those that refer other subscribers. It is like word of mouth marketing but faster and traceable.

4. Focus on relevant content

This one is almost a no brainer: your email needs relevant content. This is the most basic of email marketing concepts that shouldn’t need to be mentioned but far too often does.

Show your audience what you can do for them. Remember – always put value first. If you do that, people will see why you’re better than your competitors.

These days your audience can easily compare you with your competition with a quick Google search. Your email needs to reflect your businesses strengths and highlight why doing business with you is the best choice, this will help you get great reviews, remember, It’s just not a good idea to buy google reviews, try to get them naturally.

5.  Quantity and frequency are important

You don’t want to load their inboxes with mail and annoy people with constant messages from you. You do, however, want to stay top of mind. Make sure that you’re politely reminding them that you are there from time to time. But don’t bludgeon them. Remember if you think it might be too frequent, it probably is.

Trustworthiness, familiarity, exclusivity, relevancy and frequency. These are important email marketing concepts to consider when evaluating your email marketing strategy and campaign.

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