Segment Your Email Marketing Campaign for Better Results

When you begin an email marketing campaign there are several options available. You can choose from thousands of designs and layouts. In addition, your message can always change. Therefore segmenting your email marketing campaign can be very helpful in determining what works and what doesn’t. You can segment your email campaign in many different ways. Consider the following options to determine which segmentation might be best for your business.

Move Your Email Marketing Links

You can segment your email campaign by simply moving your links around within the text of your message. Take the exact same email and move the links around to see what style provides the best click through rates. You can also use more or less links in one email than in the other. Divide your database and send each half a different message. You can use two different email marketing landing pages to point at or you can use a special software program to determine which email gets the most clicks.

Change the Text Used for Your Links

Many people still use simple “click here” text over their links. Most professionals will tell you this is the worst way to make a customer click on the link. However, determining the best text to use can be a bit tricky. Therefore, you can segment your email messages and use different words to cover your links. By doing this you can quickly discover which text phrases provide a better click through rate. You can also change the font and color of the text to see if there is a better style. You may find that red words draw more attention, or you could find that people avoid red lettering when choosing which link to click.

Use Different Offers When Marketing

Another option for segmenting your email campaign is changing your offer. You can send half of your contacts a coupon and the other half a free offer. This will tell you what people respond to better in your industry. After all, if your business is clothing related a coupon may work better than a free ebook. However, if you are a service based industry you may want to offer free reports or ebooks that prove why your services are valuable or why they might help the consumer in some way.  Keep track of how many coupons are used and how many downloads are completed. You may find that you should offer one more than the other, or you may decide to alternate your offers on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

When you use email marketing for your business you will find that the economy and customer base is always changing. The key to success is changing what you offer to match what the consumer wants. The only way you will know what the customer wants is to track the responses you receive and to try new things on a regular basis. Rather than changing your entire campaign and risking a failure, you can segment what you send and see which idea works best.

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