Retain Visitor Info With Your Email Marketing Campaign

Many companies today use email marketing as a source for increased revenue. However, most companies buy a list of emails and never know anything about the people they are reaching out to. If you want to develop a successful email marketing campaign you need to know who you are marketing to, and what you can do to make your marketing strategy effective. Consider the following options for gathering client details during your next campaign.

Use Landing Pages For Quick Conversion

When you send an email out it is imperative that customers can quickly sign up or make a purchase quickly after clicking on a link. If you provide a link in your email to your homepage you are probably not going to see a great return on your investment. However, email marketing landing pages can provide the perfect opportunity for gathering customer information or making a sale. Landing pages get straight to the point. They tell customers exactly what you have to offer and what they need to do in order to obtain the offer.

Start With a Free Offer

Studies show that over half of consumers will sign up for a free offer even if they are not interested in the subject or product. Therefore, a free offer is a great way to grab a client or customer’s details. Free offers allow you to use data gathering forms to obtain the information you are looking for. For example, when you offer a free coupon or ebook you can require the customer to enter their name and email. In addition you can create five simple question to classify how interested the customer might be in your products or offers. You can input these details into your database for future marketing plans.

Verify That You Can Reach Your Clients

Many people enter fake email addresses when signing up for free offers or coupons. However, there is a way to ensure that you can reach your clients in the future. Instead of offering a freeby that can be obtained on your website email the customer a link to the freeby after they sign up. When the customer checks their email, and clicks the link to obtain the free item, you can rest assured that the email is valid and that the customer can be reached in the future. Use a tracking system with your email that will notify you when the customer opens the email you send.

Do Not SPAM Your Potential Customers

Once you put together a list of possible customers the next step is converting them into paying customers. On the other hand, spamming their email on a daily basis is not going to get you a sale. In fact, it will probably get you marked as a spammer by most email services. Instead, you need to develop a time table to offer deals or specials over the coming months. Start with your smallest offer of discount and work your way up to the best offer you have. If you do not get a response after the first email you can start making better offers as time goes on.

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