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Get With The Program: 5 Inbound Marketing Trends of 2016

The “rules and regulations” of marketing are constantly changing. What made sense a year ago or even a few months ago, might not have any relevance now. Therefore, it’s really important that your company pays attention to what’s new, in order to not miss out on any trends that could potentially bring in more customers.

Though the year is already halfway over, check out these inbound marketing trends of 2016. You’ll want to get in on these before it’s too late.

1. Guest Blogging is Becoming a Thing of the Past

For a while, guest blogging was a great way to get your name out to a whole other type of audience. It helped share your brand with people who have an interest in your product but don’t quite know who you are. (Hence, inbound marketing!)

However, as time has gone by, guest blogging is becoming old news. The reason? Well, SEO is one of the easiest ways for people to find you on a search engine. If you guest post, it can somewhat confuse search engines. This means you’ll be spending a lot of time on something that might not get you much traffic at all. We’re not saying never do it. If you have the time, then go ahead. It certainly won’t hurt, but we can’t guarantee it would help much, either.

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2. Infographics are Your Go-To

People are visual beings. And, that trend is more true now than it ever was before. Internet users a decade ago, even two years ago, had attention spans that allowed them to actually sit and read an article from start to finish. But, that has since changed dramatically. (So much so, that we’re incredibly impressed that you’re reading this right now!) If you want to enhance your inbound marketing, utilize infographics in your content or as your content as much as possible.

3. Diverse Devices are Being Used

One trend that’s really taken off is the idea of wearable devices. At first, people were checking their email more on their phones than their computers. Now, people are checking emails and reading articles on their smart watches and tech glasses. If companies want to bring in more leads, then their web pages and emails need to be readable on these devices just as much as any other. Of course, even though they aren’t wearable, don’t exclude tablets and e-readers!

4. Creative Approaches to Content and User-Generated Content

Content marketing has always had a huge influence on lead generation. Now more than ever, companies are spending more time enhancing their content, by taking a creative approach to it. Blogs are a wonderful place to start, but if you can get even deeper than that with things like videos and podcasts, you’ll be doing yourself a huge service.

Additionally, user-generated content is just as important. When users can help spread the word for you, you’re spending way less time working while being guaranteed something more valuable in the long run. This type of content includes anything that makes the user promote, without you needing to do it. Think contests, promotions, hashtags, fundraisers; anything along those lines.

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5. Snapchat and Other Forms of Social Media

It’s no doubt that social media is one of the biggest trends positively impacting inbound marketing. That being said, remember that social media isn’t confined to just Facebook and Twitter. In fact, Snapchat video views are in the billions each day, and that number is growing faster and faster. Take advantage of all forms of social media. Keep in mind that people like to use different forms of social media in different ways. Don’t risk leaving anyone out if your ultimate goal is to bring more people in.

Have you tried catching onto these trends but you’re still getting stuck with your overall inbound marketing results? Then request a demo with Mission Suite and see how we can help you bring in more leads.

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