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Which Marketing Personality Type Are You?

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Marketing is a hard game to play. As much as you read up on the best strategies to help your business or how to promote a specific campaign, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the to-do lists and responsibilities that a marketing person has. After all, there’s not really a right way or wrong way to go about marketing, as long as the end result is what you had hoped (or better). At the end of the day, no two people handle marketing the same way. Which marketing personality type fits you?

The Believer

This is the marketing professional who wholeheartedly believes in his or her project (because why wouldn’t they?). He or she strongly believes that people will be fulfilled by engaging with your company in one way or another. As much as you have faith in them, you have just as much faith in yourself, no matter what obstacles come your way. You pretty much always see the glass as half full.

The Learner

This is the marketing or sales manager who is always striving to learn new things to drive his or her marketing campaign. They seriously never sleep, and are constantly reading articles and books on how to better themselves. They are open to hearing tips from people who have been in their shoes, and are doing everything they can to implement those strategies effectively. We don’t think you can get any smarter, but The Learner knows there is always something they don’t know.

marketing, personality types, types, traits, personality

The Artist

You were an art major turned marketer, and you’re using your impressive creativity to take over the world. Okay, so this definition of you might make you feel uncomfortable, but deep down, you know it’s true. Every mission you take on in the marketing world is seriously a work of art, and at the end, it’s always turns out to be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The Investigator

This marketing manager is the one who always sees something that can be better. They are the “fixer-upper,” the one urging his or her sales team to remember that “the sky’s the limit.” You’re basically Steve Jobs, though a bit more approachable. You are the “no excuses” kind of manager, always positively pushing and supporting your team to go above and beyond.

The Social Butterfly

This is the marketing professional that can always be found at networking events, making connections, and handing their business card to every single person they meet. They’ve completely nailed the elevator speech. If you are this personality type, then you know what we are talking about. You are super enthusiastic about your company, and you want everyone to know it. You know that the more friends you make, the better your relationship will be with your customers. Though, you already have an awesome relationship with your customers, of course!

The Tech-Guru

This marketing person is all up on his or her tech game. He or she is fully aware of the Internet of Things and what’s going to hit the market next. He or she knows what to get involved with, and what to stay away from. If you’re this person, then you know there’s absolutely no need for you to call in some tech person to come in and fix a glitch in the system, because you already know how to do it. When you’re not preventing a security breach, you can be found sharing your content marketing campaigns all over social media.

marketing, manager, marketing and sales, personality type, types, personality, traits

The Budget-er

This is the finance manager, the one that thinks about every single penny before it’s spent. They know what’s a good investment and what’s a bad one. They utilize spreadsheets like there’s no tomorrow, and have budget meetings every chance they get. They know when every dollar goes in and when every dollar goes out.

And finally…

The Everything!

While you might feel as though you fall into one of these personality types more so than another (or maybe not at all), a good marketing or sales person actually falls into all of these. He or she can also choose what type of personality to possess on what day.

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