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5 Things That Will Make Your Leads Disappear

Business is booming and the leads you’re generating are coming in like crazy. It’s a good thing, yes, but it’s getting difficult to stay on top of everyone. Just having a person to take care of everything isn’t enough. Sometimes, it’s not even about what you should be doing, but what you shouldn’t be doing. If you want to take advantage of the leads you’re generating and keep the customers you already have, then you’ll want to make sure you never do one of these:

leads, disappear

1. Bombarding Your Leads

Don’t be the clingy girlfriend of the marketing world. If your boyfriend (or your potential client, in this case), wants to “be with you,” they will make it known. We’re not saying you shouldn’t make a solid effort to show that you’re there for them and you appreciate them once in awhile, but ultimately, let them come to you.

The worst thing a company can do for their potential leads is bombard them with emails, offers, and incentives to “try out this new thing.” The more you harass them with this kind of stuff, the more you will push them away. How many times have you gotten emails from the same company over and over again, and no matter how many times you thought you had “broken up with them” they keep coming back for more? Use marketing automation to help stay on top of a healthy relationship with your customers. Let them know you’re available, and they will come to you when they’re ready.

2. Make Your Page Hard to Read

People don’t want to play guessing games when they come to your site. Whatever their goal is when they come to your page, or even if they don’t yet have a goal in mind, it should be easy to navigate. Don’t make it impossible to find the About page, the FAQ page, or even the X button on a pop up window. Don’t make it difficult for the user to find what he or she is looking for. Keep the font big, readable, and stay away from using a lot of images or colors that may be distracting.


3. Not Mixing Up Your Content

No matter what kind of platform you’re using to market or sell, not mixing up what you’re posting can make leads disappear at the drop of a hat. Instead of always trying to sell the same product over and over again, talk about something else for a change. Discuss your role in the earthquake that’s just happened in South America, how excited you are to have hired a new staff member, or write a blog post that can be entertaining to readers. The same things get boring after a while, which is why it’s absolutely necessary to keep your leads engaged by changing things up.

4. Ignoring Comments, Shares, and Likes on Social Media

Social media can make or break you, and if you want to lose your leads, then make sure to never respond to comments, shares, or likes on social media. We get it; depending on how big your business is, sometimes it gets hard to acknowledge all the buzz that’s going on online. Luckily, a good software like Mission Suite can help you easily manage your social media marketing, so that you can sit back and relax. Those who don’t respond to likes, shares, and comments are likely to lose leads quickly, so you’ll need to be up on that.

leads, disappear, likes, social media

5. Sounding Like a Know-It-All and Not Being Modest

Your company probably knows a lot about whatever it’s involved with. Your online teaching website is probably an expert on education. Your online clothing store is a fashion guru. Your travel blog is basically a geography textbook. If leads are interested in you, they most likely know all this, because your confidence and your product is what brought you to them in the first place.

However, don’t ever brag about how much you know about this, that and the other thing, or how many more people like your page each day because you’re “just that amazing.”Be humble, and share information with leads that’s useful and interesting to them. The other day, I recently read an email from a volunteer organization that said, “watch this video of me being praised by the students.” This immediately turned me off to wanting to help, because the priorities seemed to be more than a little off.

You don’t want potential leads to roll their eyes at how arrogant you sound, even if everything is true. You want them to smile, nod their heads, and walk away from whatever it is feeling like they are able to trust you. Don’t be the stuck up jock; be the friendly guy or gal that shows the new kid around the school, and offers to hold their books on the way.

If you want to be sure you’ll never miss a lead again, then request a demo with Mission Suite now!

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