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How to Use Colors to Gain Leads to Your Site

Choosing the colors of your website or brand is much like painting your house. While it doesn’t have to be permanent, it can really make or break whatever it is you’re trying to portray. Therefore, color schemes need to be chosen wisely.

There’s a lot of specific research that’s gone into using colors in marketing. The more you learn, the more that choosing the appropriate colors for your brand or website can be overwhelming. Studies have shown that certain colors make potential customers feel a certain way about your product from the get go. It’s not always a matter of what you think looks best, but instead, what works. If you’re looking to gain more leads, you may need to consult Roy G. Biv first.

To Make Someone Feel Calm

colors, leads, marketing

Many of the biggest companies we see today use the color blue to make their leads feel at ease. Think about it: Facebook, Paypal, Chase, and many other banks, all use blue. Blue is a peaceful color, that is connected to serenity and calmness, kind of like the blue water at the beach. If your leads see blue, it is likely that they will trust you immediately, and feel more inclined to learn more about your product.

For a Fast-Paced Environment

colors, leads, marketing

Reds, yellows, and oranges are hands down the go-to colors if you want to make your leads get excited. Red is said to increase heart rate and in some instances, it makes people feel a little bit anxious. Yellow signals caution in users. This is why Mcdonald’s can lure people in from a mile away. Orange is another color that can make people feel on edge. If you’re company relies on impulse buyers, then use these colors to gain leads.

To Cater to Women

colors, marketing, leads

If your company’s main audience is women and your first thought is to use pink, you’d be very wrong. Women actually prefer blues, purples, and greens. Throw one of those colors with a black or white, and you’ll be golden. On the other hand, stay away from oranges, browns, grays, and tones that stray too far away from the primary colors, which women tend to prefer.

If You Want to Be Bold

colors, marketing, leads

If you still want to use pink, it can have a nice touch if you have a technology business or you’re selling some cutting edge electronics. (It’s also a good way to guarantee your resume will be looked out by a prospective employer, as pink is a bold color that instantly draws people in.) If used correctly, pink will make you intriguing and stylish.

To Cater to Men

colors, marketing, leads

Similar to their female counterparts, men also prefer blue. They are also drawn to green, and like women, they are not easily sold by oranges and browns. For some reason, blue, green, and black together make a man feel more “manly.” However, if you want to play it safe, just stick with blue, as this again lets men feel that sense of trust that will ultimately lead them to you.

For Feng Shui

colors, marketing, leads

White is the go to color when it comes to adding a sense of “Feng Shui” to your brand. Interior designers know that white is the color to use when you want to give of an appearance of spaciousness. The same goes for your website. While white was the main color used during the early days of the internet age, some websites, like Google for example, have found a way to use white differently.

Additionally, green is used to give the sense of a tranquil environment, as green is often associated with plants and trees. Certain tones of green can be used to lighten up the mood. They can also be used to sell outdoor products, nature items, organic foods, or creative design. Just be careful to not mix it too much with brown, as your site can feel too much like a forest

To Show of a Luxury Status

colors, leads, marketing

If you want your clients to feel like a VIP, then black is the color you want to use. Black is used by casinos, credit card companies, and high-end designers. The studies show that black makes people feel strong, powerful, and classy, which is exactly why these kind of companies use this color. Black is also serious, and shows people that you mean business.

Other Things to Think About

While the use of certain colors can have a huge effect on generating leads, it’s not one color alone that will make all the difference. If you want to use colors to help you sell, that’s great, but you also have to think about other factors. Colors also have different tones and brightness levels, which if not used properly, can end up having the reverse effect.

You also need to think about your audience. Will the colors appeal to them? Also, consider where you want to use certain colors on your site, because one color might be more useful on one page than another. For example, maybe the color you use for your “submit” or “sign up” button is different than the color of the box it’s sitting in. That being said, you have to also make sure the colors you use compliment one another, so potential leads don’t feel disoriented when they come to your site.

If you want to be able to analyze the colors you are using are understand how they are impacting your leads, request a demo at Mission Suite today!

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