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6 Creative Ideas to Generate Leads

With the amount of solutions there are that can help you attract leads, it can be almost overwhelming to choose the tactic that’s right for you. Sometimes, we get so carried away with trying everything, that we’re actually taking away from our initial goal. Being able to successfully generate leads means understanding what it is your target audience wants, and reaching them with something that will hook them from the get go. To help you get started, try one of these creative ideas and generate leads in no time.

1. Use a gated video

If you don’t already have a video to bring customers in, then you’re a step behind.  A strong video that explains your platform is one of the easiest ways to generate leads. A video takes little time to watch, is easy to understand, and takes advantage of a person’s visual learning needs.

If you do already have a video, then consider using a gated video. This means adding an e-mail sign up somewhere in your video, once the viewer has already been captivated. A program like Turnstile by Wistia will help you do this. In the past, Turnstile could only place e-mail signups at the beginning of a video, and that would sometimes stop people from wanting to go forward. Now, they can start watching the video, then sign up later.

2. Update your about page to make it relatable

The first time someone sees your page, it’s likely that they’ll click on the about page first, to get a better idea of who you are. People automatically get intrigued by something they can relate to. Your about page should yes, talk about what your business has to offer, but also talk about something personal. Add some humor, a photo, and something that makes a potential lead think, “wow, I really like these guys!” A good bio can really make a difference, so try to have some fun with it without going overboard.

3. Add reciprocal ‘refer-a-friend’ incentives

Offering a discount to your business every time someone refers a friend is a wonderful incentive, but what’s even better is if both the person who makes the referral and the person who receives it, gets a special treat. An excellent example of this is on Airbnb, in which every time you refer a friend, they get a $20 travel credit, and you get a $20 travel credit. This is a sure-fire, creative way to generate leads.

creative, lead generation, generate leads

4. Install a social hub on your site

Social media is a great way to generate leads. Once you’ve learned how to utilize all the social media to your advantage, you need to find a creative way to keep those posts alive. It’s not enough to just share things on Twitter or make a post on Facebook. By installing a social hub on your site, and there are many out there to choose from, you can organize all your previous social media postings into one place. This way, if a potential lead didn’t get a chance to read something the first time around, they can still check it out.

5. An intriguing pop-up

At one time, pop-ups used to be the devil, and they still can be if you don’t get creative with them. Nowadays, there are great ways to use pop-ups on your site, without turning away a lead. A pop-up should be attractive, and give your lead an immediate incentive to sign up. For example, if they’re on your page reading an article they like, your pop-up should ask them to sign up so they can receive similar reads in their inbox. Additionally, if the lead isn’t interested in signing up at the moment, make the pop-up easy for them to ex out of. If they feel too pressured to sign up, they might not come back.

creative, generate leads, lead generation, leads

6. Lead Meetup groups

While being a guest speaker at an event will certainly help generate leads, a more creative way to go about that is by leading a Meetup group that is somewhat related to your business, but not directly about your business. For example, if you are selling an ESL teaching service, lead a Meetup that brings together parents, educators, and foreign language learners. The Meetup could be about anything from educational technology to closing the education gap. At the end of the Meetup, give a brief announcement about your website and hand out your business card. Even if no one there taps into your service, they will surely spread the word after having such a good time with you.

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