Not Accomplishing Your Small Business Goals? Here’s Why

Team. Everything from sports to romantic relationships is rewarded with this title. As a society, we tend to define a team as a group of people performing the same tasks, or loosely associated with the same company. This ambiguity in interpretation is very dangerous, especially to a small business that has little room for misunderstanding among its executive staff. Unifying your team and marketing efforts will advance your company to set and reach your goals faster than ever before.

In a successful company, the principal ‘team’ is the executive staff (heads of departments and CEO). It is often difficult for department heads to prioritize important goals over their individual departments because they concentrate on data and reports rather than their peers. However, being committed and engaged when creating goals that will later be carried out to promote the success of the company is paramount.

Staying committed to your goals can be a challenge because small misinterpretations in meetings are very similar to the ‘Whisper-Down-The-Lane’ game you may have played as a child; heads of departments, with small discrepancies in their understanding of company goals, relay information to their managers, who then relay their understanding to their reports. Suddenly every employee has a different version of what the company expects from them, and the original goal is not met. When this happens, heads of department are torn between loyalty to their reports and loyalty to their executive team, which causes unnecessary tension and distracting office politics. To combat this, an executive team must work with their team as a unified structure with clearly quantified goals, which becomes more effective the fewer there are.

There are always going to be one or two goals that the executive team must prioritize above others. Too many goals and the focus is lost on all of them. For smaller businesses, this means automating some of your goals in order to fully focus on your company’s biggest goals. Once you free yourself from the reigns of CRM, Email Campaigns, and Inbound marketing efforts, you can work as a unified team by prioritizing your time and budget towards greater goals.

If you can stomach it, think of automating your marketing as a Mary Poppins showing up at your doorstep, freeing you to fully commit to that boat you’ve been learning to sail.

Often in business and entrepreneurship, letting go of the reigns for a moment is more painful than staking all your worldly possessions on an idea that you believe in. The trick is to be fully confident in unifying your team and marketing tactics, because there is no point in setting small goals without having the time to concentrate on the big goals.

Mission Suite  is a unified marketing platform that was created to help you automate your small goals so you can reach your big goals. Are you ready to for the permission to dream big? Here it is.

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