5 Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing Performance for Long Term Success

Did you know you can improve your online marketing performance with techniques and systems that are designed to show you results? Staying the same is comfortable, but change is what’s needed to succeed online. These 5 ways to improve your marketing performance will assist you in reviewing and revising your marketing outreach for victory!


Step 1. Write down your goals

The key to success is to know from the start what needs to be accomplished. The worst waste of marketing budget occurs when you spend your dollars without specific goals in mind. Of course, the ultimate goals are more sales, profits, and revenue – but how does one get there? Having specific, measurable goals from the start will ensure the success of your plan. A mixture of both short and long-term goals will make your campaigns more varied and dynamic, which will allow you to work successfully towards your bigger picture.

Examples of goals:

  • Improve visibility in search engines
  • Drive customer conversions
  • Increase web traffic
  • Encourage engagement


Step 2: Create killer content with a CTA (call to action)

Creating quality content as part of an acute strategy increase traffic to your website. Your call to action is the compelling message you convey so that your prospects don’t think twice about filling out a contact form or buying your product or service. Most businesses use a CTA to guide visitors to a landing page. On a landing page, you should have graphics with a compelling copy that entices the reader with an offer – making them think, “Yes this is exactly what I need/want!”

Hint:  Promote your content using a range of owned, earned and paid methods. Paid promotion will most likely facilitate short term traffic, but it has the potential to attract long term customers.


Step 3: Share your Knowledge!

Next, you will need to spend time building and maintaining your social media profiles to encourage your audience to interact with your content. It will take time to build a decent and loyal following online, but this is how a short term goal can feed into your big picture. Use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as a way to reach new customers that may not know your business exists. Be creative and consistent when composing status updates and tweets. Ask your followers questions, give them offers and free information to entice them to want more.

Hint: Start a blog. Each time you post, people searching for keywords your blog contains can be drawn to your site. Include words and phrases they’re likely to use when searching for that information. Write about things your target audience cares about. Then, share your blog content on social media.


Step 4: Stay in Touch

The role of email in your marketing campaigns has evolved significantly in the last few years. In the past, many businesses would over use email by sending emails too frequently to their customers and prospects. What they found is that this lead their following to unsubscribe, or stop buying their product or service. Today with email, less is always more. Send out fewer emails with more good, informative information that takes them back to your website. This will keep your prospects and customers on the lookout for your emails. Take some time in your email marketing to explain how you know each other, why the customer is receiving the email, and what you have to offer them.

Hint: Offer something for free – such as a free report or white paper that gives them answers to a problem your target audience might have.


Step 5: Learn it, Delegate it, and Automate it

Building a loyal fan base can’t be achieved overnight. It takes time to nurture your customers. The best thing you can do for yourself and your business is to learn the above marketing techniques, delegate it and then automate the process. This way,  you can grow your businesses and sales profit as fast as possible! Utilizing a system to keep you organized through your outreach process is mandatory in today’s fast past and competitive online world. With so many options on how to automate your marketing outreach, finding a cheap, simple solution is all you need.

The most efficient way to automate your online marketing process is by using a unified marketing system. It is the fastest way to build your audience, drive traffic and enhance exposure. As your brand grows higher volumes of traffic and engagement, you’ll naturally gain exposure in more relevant, targeted and established places.

Hint: These are just a few ways that you can tailor your online marketing plan to increase conversions. Need help figuring out your unified marketing system? Contact Mission Suite, we’ve got unified marketing down to an art.

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