How to Throw Fuel on Your Inbound Marketing Fire!

In our last post, we compared the difference between email marketing and unified marketing. The big takeaway was that email marketing is only one spark to ignite a fire of continuous leads and customers for your business.

Now, we’d like to tackle a much larger fire: Inbound Marketing.

Inbound marketing attracts your target audience through multiple effective online strategies. There are a number of methods of which marketers utilize inbound marketing campaigns such as social media, SEO, and paid advertising. Inbound Marketing is certainly an effort worth making, but it only works with proper planning and execution to get the results you are looking for.

If you are a heavy marketer, you are probably thinking: there has to be a way to feed the fire of inbound marketing without having to rub two sticks together!

In other words, are you finding that utilizing an inbound marketing platform has been extremely time-consuming without returning the results you need to grow your business?

This is when you have finally figured out that inbound marketing just isn’t enough to fuel your marketing strategy.

There is no single inbound marketing tactic that works well on its own. Inbound marketing can’t be segmented into separate categories, with each section holding independent power. Occasionally, inbound marketing on its own will be able to fill your sales funnel. We tend to rely on inbound marketing with SEO to draw in visitors, but SEO doesn’t work without content. Without social media, blogs can’t reach new prospects. Utilizing inbound marketing is seemingly useless without integrating multiple campaigns simultaneously. To do this, you need a unified marketing platform.

Yes, Unified Marketing is the fuel that you’ve been looking for!

Successful, balanced marketing campaigns incorporate all or most of Unified Marketing; it empowers inbound marketing with tools and strategies to convert fans and followers into leads and customers. Unified Marketing accomplishes this by cultivating relationships with leads that are not yet ready to buy. It also enhances your inbound efforts by helping you separate legitimate leads from the bad ones. Connecting unified marketing to your inbound marketing system makes certain none of your leads get lost in the shuffle.

Leveraging a unified marketing system with your inbound marketing campaign is like throwing fuel on your marketing fire! Are you ready to ignite your marketing strategy? Request a demo of Mission Suite today.

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