5 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Tool Isn’t Enough

At what point do you move beyond using only an email marketing platform to a full-fledged unified marketing platform?


First, let’s clearly distinguish the difference between an email marketing platform and a unified marketing platform.

Both platforms should allow you to create and send emails. You should have multiple options in how you send out separate campaigns, segment your email lists, conduct A/B testing, track your metrics, etc. But that’s about all email marketing platforms can do. Unified Marketing platform’s on the other hand, allow you to control your email campaigns but also integrate them with other marketing outreach tools.

Here are 5 reasons why your email marketing tool is no longer enough:

  1. You need to turn more qualified leads into sales.
  2. It doesn’t reduce your time and labor. Therefore, it doesn’t reduce your marketing costs.
  3. You haven’t seen an increase in your social reach.
  4. It is difficult to nurture relationships throughout your buyer’s journey.
  5. You can’t measure your ROI to collect specific data and improve communication.

At what point do you need to step up your efforts with unified marketing to get you in front of the right people at the right time?

The answer is when you begin to see that your email campaigns are only resulting in a small increase in your web traffic and sales! Email campaigns can only get you so far – it is only one ingredient in the unified marketing recipe.

Capitalizing on multiple channels of engagement through Unified Marketing will get you in front of more people in a shorter amount of time. With Unified Marketing, you can ensure your messages fit the needs of your target audience at any given point in time. You’ll be able to prioritize leads and know when they’re ready for you to convert them into a sale. Finally, a unified marketing platform enables you to measure the effectiveness of campaigns across the board, not just with emails.

The takeaway here is that email marketing is only one component of Unified Marketing. Once you combine them all together, your outreach becomes much more powerful!


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