Does Your Email Make an Impact?

Email marketing is both highly effective and extremely difficult. After all, customers are receiving email every hour on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. But someone checking their email on the move might not remember that special sale you sent out. Many times, email is quickly skimmed and forgotten.

You need to make your voice resonate above every other demand for attention your consumers receive. And you have to do so without being invasive or annoying. Hey, we never said this was easy.

Be Exclusive

Give customers a reason to get excited when they see your emails. Apple has this absolutely figured out. Each email of theirs offers an exclusive peek at the next big thing. Even though their brand is expensive and faces stiff competition from every other tech company, their emails are always welcomed because they hint at some new, big thing.

For your brand, the worst thing to do is send out purely informational emails. Those are no better than newsletters. Give something, even if it’s just a free shipping day or small discount, and see how much interest it generates.

A good thing to keep in mind is to minimize desperation. Emails with too forward of a call to action (“SALE ENDS RIGHT NOW”) ring false with customers.

Make a Point

Telling a compelling story? Offering a new sale? Or maybe you’re just asking customers to follow your new social media profiles. Whatever your reason for sending an email to your customers, make sure it’s a good one. The last thing you want is a customer reading your email with no idea what it’s for. At best, this dilutes your message. At worst, customers feel annoyed and unsubscribe, and you’ve just lost a lead.

Give Something Away

If you want to expand your email list, offer referral codes for your customers to pass along to their friends. Doing so is free marketing for you, and it offers your existing customers a chance to explain how positive their experience has been.

Run Your Numbers

Lastly, always keep track of exactly what you’re doing. How many emails are you sending per week? What percentage is converting? Who is unsubscribing? Have some emails been more effective than others? Keeping track of this data lets you drop what isn’t working and focus on delivering effective email marketing solutions.

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