5 Steps Toward Your Best Social Media Campaign Ever

After getting some amazing tips yesterday from a webinar on planning a successful social media campaign that I watched in preparation for our own campaign coming up next week, it’s only fitting that I discuss how to prep for your best social media campaign ever!

Now, although I’m still in college, I’m no newbie to social media campaigns. Not only have I seen them and interacted with them, I have in fact spearheaded them too! Here’s my top 5 steps to take to achieve your most successful social media campaign yet:


Do your homework

It is very important to see what others have done, especially your competitors. Why’s that? Well, you are able to see what worked and what tanked, you have the privilege of learning from somebody else’s mistakes without making them yourself. This will definitely help you shape your campaign so that it is poised for success!


Make Your Campaign Easy to Understand

This may seem like common sense, but when working with an entire marketing team to implement a campaign, all of those different ideas can transform a simple idea into a complicated, malleable one. If people don’t get what your campaign is about and what it’s working to accomplish, they won’t get behind it. Stick with something simple and likeable.


Make Sure it is Easy to Participate

Fan participation is very important: it draws people in, engages them and educates them about your business. Their participation also makes it much more likely for them to do whatever your campaign is driving them to do. But as awesome as whatever that may be, most people are not going to participate in your campaign if it takes longer than 5 minutes for them. Think simple: ask them to share a story, upload a photo or share your photo, these little things can make a world of difference.


Keep design in mind

Whether you are creating a video, an infographic, or just a profile picture, keep design as your number one priority. The first impression your followers get will be based on how aesthetically pleasing your visuals are, so go ahead and spend that extra money on your graphic design, it will pay off in dividends.


Have Fun

If you are enjoying your social media campaign, chances are other people are too. If you have fun preparing for your campaign, it will show through the content you put out there, and people will respond positively. Remember that as long as you put your all into this campaign, it will be a successful one because you will be fostering your marketing experience and learning for the next campaign.

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