5 Simple Email Marketing Metrics to Watch

email marketing, email, web marketingOver time we’ve often recommended that savvy email marketers pay attention to their email metrics. The time has come to delve a little deeper into these various metrics and explain why each one is important to gauging the overall success of your email marketing.

These metrics will help determine how successfully your message: reaches customers, engages customers and converts customers to sales. Along with these three important indicators these metrics will also help you determine what aspects of your campaign are working and which ones are wasting your time.

1. Open Rate

Arguably the most important of all the email marketing metrics Open Rate will inform you how many people have opened your email, and hopefully read your message.

Be careful because this metric can be skewed due to the way it’s measured, but it’s still very valuable and definitely worth tracking. It’s especially useful for comparing the best times of day to send emails and even the effectiveness of different subject lines.

2. Clickthrough Rate 

Pretty much every email includes some sort of call to action, and that call to action almost always requires clicking on a link. The clickthrough rate email metric tells you which readers have actually clicked on the links within your email.

The clickthrough rate helps marketers gauge which links are being successfully presented and can help gauge what interests your customers.

3. Click-to-Open Rate 

Consider this metric the “advanced” clickthrough rate. The click-to-open rate tracks the unique clicks compared to the number of unique opens. This gives you a more refined indication of how your email marketing is performing.

4. Conversion Rate 

The conversion rate is the real meat of your email marketing. This metric gauges how many people received your email and went on to reach a certain outcome.

This means that you can use this metric to gauge how many emails lead to sign-ups, sales, or whatever else you’re trying to convince people to do.

This metric really expresses the ultimate goal of your email in a easily digestible way.

5. Bounce Rate

While many people will argue that it’s important to follow your unsubscribe rate metric this suggestion is really only useful for grooming your list. If you already pay proper attention to managing your list then we suggest paying closer attention to your bounce rate.

The bounce rate will tell you how many of your emails are being delivered and which ones are “bounced.” Bounces can occur because of invalid email addresses, server issues, or spam filters. It’s important to keep your bounce rate low to avoid alerting spam filters that can be disastrous to your email campaign.


By paying close attention to these metrics you will be able to piece together an informative picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your email campaigns. Using this information you can strengthen your future campaigns and hopefully find greater success in your email marketing.

If you have any questions about email metrics or email marketing in general be sure to drop us a line in the comments!

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