5 Ways to Construct a Stellar Email Marketing List

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email marketingIf you’ve been keeping up with our little blog here at The Mission Suite you’re well aware that email marketing is crucial to the marketing success of nearly all small and medium-sized businesses.

A solid email list allows you to attract and nurture new leads, and to convert existing leads into sales. But how do you go about building a list, especially if you’re starting from scratch?

While building an entirely new email list can seem like a daunting prospect, modern technology provides SMBs with many powerful tools that can assist them in gathering new prospects for their lists. Here are several valuable ways that you can build an excellent list to help expand your business.

1. Produce Quality Content to Increase Engagement

The most extensive and thoughtfully curated email list won’t do you any good without solid, engaging content to distribute. Quality content is key to engaging your readers and ensuring that they A) enjoy your emails B) engage with your brand and C) remember your business.

Emails can be a little bit stifling when trying to craft really engaging content. Fortunately the email is just the beginning. You can use your emails as a gateway to your blog, your social media, and even special offers, coupons, and giveaways.

2. The Blog: Key to SEO 

Almost every company these days has a website, but so many of these companies simply put up the standard homepage and never look at it again. While this is certainly better than no website at all, it’s not going to do much for you when it comes to getting found online.

A blog not only enhances your website’s SEO, but it also gives you an excellent chance to demonstrate your expertise and engage your readers.

3. Social Media as Engagement Gateway 

Social media provides an excellent gateway for interacting with existing customers and reaching out to new ones. These days, social media is the name of the game. There are over a billion people using the various social media platforms, and there are dozens of ways that you can reach out to this massive resource of potential customers.

Social media provides a two-way street for brands to interact with their customers. The platform allows users to communicate with brands and express their hopes and concerns about the future of the company.

4. Contests, Giveaways and Coupons 

Social media and email are both excellent ways to distribute special offers and promotions. Everyone loves a good coupon, contest or giveaway, and they can be extremely effective at creating buzz around your brand.

Use coupon and contest sign-up forms to drive new customers to your opt-in lists. This will help you not only garner new readers, but allow you to keep in touch in the future.

5. Opt-In Forms 

A quality email list begins with the opt-in. In the pasts, lists have been compiled using any means necessary, but marketers quickly discovered that lead building is more about quality than quantity. Building a list without people opting in will only lead to more email being flagged as spam, and that’s bad for business.

Use all of the tools available to you to channel people towards your opt-in forms. You’ll quickly see your lists beginning to fill with people that are genuinely interested in your brand, and that’s very good for business.


The web provides no shortage of excellent opportunities for building your opt-in list, and The Mission Suite can help you effectively utilize all of them.

If you have any questions about email marketing, social media, or The Mission Suite, be sure to drop us a line in the comments. If you’re ready to maximize the effectiveness of your email and social media marketing, be sure to sign up for your free trial of The Mission Suite.

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