5 Inbound Marketing Misconceptions

inbound marketingInbound marketing is nothing new, but lately it’s definitely made a huge surge in popularity. As inbound marketing has begun to come to the forefront of web marketing (and marketing in general) certain misconceptions have arisen over the best practices to be employed, and just what exactly inbound marketing can do.


1. Inbound Marketing is Brand New 

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: inbound marketing is nothing new. In fact, inbound marketing lies at the root of all marketing practices. The practice of generating new leads, earning their trust, cultivating your relationship with them and eventually converting them into longtime, valued customers is the foundation of all marketing, and it always has been.

The only thing that’s changed about inbound marketing are the tools we have available. New tools allow inbound marketing to be more effective than ever, but those tools must still be utilized properly.

2. It’s a “Fix-All” Solution 

There’s no such thing as a marketing panacea. Bad marketing will continue to remain bad marketing, and inbound marketing is especially sensitive to the effort put behind it. Inbound marketing relies on quality content and a concerted effort to produce a winning strategy to draw people towards your brand.

3. It’s a Replacement for “Traditional” Marketing 

If something isn’t broken, why would you try and fix it? If traditional marketing has been working for you, then you’re obviously going to keep doing it. Inbound marketing isn’t here to overthrow the old regime, it’s here to accentuate and enhance your existing marketing efforts.

4. It’s Nothing but Social Media 

It’s hard to deny the importance of social media in inbound marketing, but there’s a whole lot more to the overall strategy. Social media is important for building brand recognition and reaching out to new customers, but you have to convert those touch points into viable leads. You can do this by utilizing your social media outreach as one piece in an overall puzzle that will also include your email marketing and website. This comprehensive strategy is what will turn inbound leads into sales.

5. It Will Do Away With Salespeople 

This is highly unlikely. Inbound marketing isn’t out to replace salespeople, it’s actually out to help them be better and more productive at their jobs. As inbound marketing increases the number of viable or “warm” leads it will allow your sales team to focus on these primed leads and focus on converting them into sales.


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If you have any questions about implementing and utilizing inbound marketing in your business be sure to drop us a line in the comments!

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