Email Marketing and Social Media: A Match Made in Heaven

social media, marketing, email, email marketingSmall businesses are always looking for the next effective and affordable marketing option. They are constantly looking for new ways to spread their message to new and existing customers in an impactful and memorable way. In the past these options were fairly limited, but in this day and age social media and email marketing provide dozens of venues for small businesses to broadcast their message and keep their customers informed.


Social Media

Social media is no longer in its infancy, now it is an effective and integral part of many small businesses marketing strategy. Yet social media continues to evolve, with some up-and-coming players supplanting existing giants, and new tools constantly being made available for businesses to manage their social media.

One popular type of tool that small businesses are turning to is the social media aggregator. Tools like HootSuite and TweetDeck allow businesses to manage a myriad of social media accounts all through one interface. This simplifies and streamlines their marketing efforts and makes communication with customers just a little easier.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the old standby for small business marketing. It’s ROI is well established – with many businesses garnering over $40 for every $1 spent.

Now, even with the advent of social media, email marketing is still a potent means for marketers everywhere. It would initially appear that social media would weaken the impact of email marketing, or encroach upon its market share in the marketing industry. In fact that’s not the case at all, and savvy marketers are starting to realize that email marketing and social media can work together.

A Perfect Match

By utilizing social media and email marketing together marketers can actually enhance the effectiveness of both strategies. By posting links and content straight to social media channels, marketers can drive opt-ins for their email campaigns while also engaging their customers in a direct conversation. Email can also direct current subscribers towards social media, where they can influence the brand’s outreach and spread the brand’s reach through word of mouth.

Together email marketing and social media form a potent duo for marketing. Social media will continue to evolve, but there’s a very good chance that its evolution will continue to allow it to work more and more closely with existing email campaigns.

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