5 Ways to Improve Your Inbound Marketing This Year

inbound marketingWe may already be a month into 2014, but it’s still not too late to make some positive resolutions to improve your inbound marketing efforts in the coming year. A new year means new opportunities to increase the effectiveness of your inbound marketing and maximize the leads created and profits generated by your marketing.

Here are a few simple ways to refocus your inbound marketing and amplify its effectiveness.

1. Choose an Attainable “Real” Goal

Choosing a “real” goal may sound like a simple proposition, but it’s amazing how many people end up with half-developed, unattainable goals. A real goal can be identified easily by a few certain factors: it is based on concrete data, is realistic, and it has a well-defined time-frame.

2. Leave Room to Grow

Have you noticed that your inbound marketing is getting a little stale? Is it time for a new product, campaign, or some new content? Well stop waiting around and get out there and grow a little! New ideas and projects can be scary, but they’re necessary to stay relevant in your marketplace. So get to work, come up with something new, and then test it!

3. Have a Plan

It’s still early in the year, and it’s the perfect time to plan ahead so you don’t get behind on your workflow.

4. Build a Plan for Mobile

We’ve talked about the importance of mobile before here at The Mission Suite, but as customers continue to shift their habits ever more towards mobile devices having a solid mobile strategy becomes more important. Every CIO and inbound marketer looking to increase their marketing’s effectiveness needs to be working on a plan for mobile.

5. Get to Know Your Customers

This one almost goes without saying. As inbound marketing and CRM tools grow more complex they continue to provide increased opportunity to learn more about your customers and their purchasing habits.

Detailed knowledge about your customers allows you to tailor email marketing and web content to your customers, which will increase its effectiveness and continue to drive business to your brand.

This year is the year that you make the most of your inbound marketing. Get a head start on developing your plan and then put it into action – you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll see over the coming months!

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