5 Tips for Building Your Email List

At this point I doubt there’s much reason for me to reiterate all of the incredible positives of email marketing, but I will anyway! Email marketing has been proven to be the most effective, versatile and successful way to engage current customers and cultivate new ones. On top of that, its amazing ROI (almost 40 to 1!) means that it quickly pays for itself.

We’ve talked a lot about how to use email to engage and foster relationships with your current customers, but we haven’t talked that much about using email to establish new contacts and grow your customer base.

In this article we’ll specifically discuss how you can grow your email list. This will allow you to interact with more people than ever before, and that means more customers.

1. Sign-Up Location is Important

It’s impossible for anyone to sign up for your email list if they can’t find the form! You don’t want to beat potential customers over the head with it, but your sign-up form should be easily locatable on your home page. It’s also a good idea to put the sign-up form on multiple pages, especially the most popular pages on your site.

2. Keep it Simple 

Every marketer craves information, but there’s a time and a place for information gathering. While it might seem valuable to ask potential customers about every facet of their lives, it’s actually a much better idea to keep the form as simple as possible.

A long, complicated form can scare people away. It’s better to simply get a name and email than to drive away customers by asking for too much information.

3. Make it Worth Their Time

Be sure to readily present the benefits of signing up for your email list. Let potential subscribers know about special deals or valuable information that they will receive as a “reward” for signing up for your list. Make sure that people know how your emails will be valuable to them.

4. Be Forthcoming

Let your subscribers know how often they can expect emails, and what sort of content they will be receiving. While it might seem like a good idea to simply attract every subscriber you can, it’s actually much better to cultivate a proper list, full of interested readers who will be likely to become active and engaged customers down the line.

5. Give Something Back

Contests and promotions are a great way to reward your dedicated subscribers for sticking with you. There are thousands, if not millions, of email lists out there these days, so it’s important to set yours apart by giving something back. Whether that means a coupon, a contest, or an exclusive deal just for people on your list the key thing is to make them feel appreciated.


If you’ve been having trouble growing your list lately, maybe it’s time to try some of these new tactics. These concepts might seem basic, but you’ll be amazed how effective they can be when implemented properly.

If you have any questions about building your email list just drop us a line in the comments, or visit our homepage to learn more about how The Mission Suite can help you reach more customers than ever before.

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