3 Tips to Stay Out of the Spam Filter

spam, email marketing, sales, marketingEveryone who keeps up with The Mission Suite Blog is well aware of the potential of email marketing. Its ROI is unmatched, its potential for reaching customers unparalleled, and it is still simply the best channel for growing your business and spreading your brand.

Yet email can be as fickle as it is valuable. If content isn’t carefully crafted and the message thoughtfully tailored, it can fall flat and not make any impact at all. One of the easiest ways for email to miss its mark is to end up caught in the spam filter. The dreaded spam filter is the bane of email marketers, but luckily there are a few simple tips to follow that will greatly reduce the chances that your email ends up lost in the land of spam.

1. Keep Your List Well Manicured

Your list is the heart and soul of every email campaign. You’ve worked long and hard to build a list full of potential customers and important contacts, but list building sometimes requires deconstructing your current list and cleaning out unnecessary contacts. If you have inactive contacts it can increase the ratio of your unopened emails to opened emails, and this can red flag your emails as spam. So keep your list clean to avoid the spam folder.

2. Avoid Trigger Words

You know how to craft interesting and engaging content, and you know how to tailor your emails for your list, but did you know some seemingly innocuous words could doom your email to the spam folder? Some “trigger words” might seem obvious – words like “free” and “sale” – but some not so obvious ones trigger filters too. These words include “chance,” “opportunity,” and even “solution.”

3. Craft a Compelling Subject Line

If we’ve said it once it’s worth saying again: subject lines are incredibly important. Most email marketing experts recommend that you spend just as much time crafting your subject line as you spend writing your email – it really is that important. Subject lines are the first thing your reader sees, and they will often decide if they open the email. Make sure your subjects are engaging, interesting and especially relevant.

If you’re following all of these tips and you’re still having trouble with spam filters there are third party applications available to test the deliverability of your email.

If you’re going to spend the time writing an engaging and valuable email, you don’t want it ending up in the spam filter. So take the time to utilize these suggestions and you should have no problem getting your message out to your customers.

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