6 Crucial Aspects of a Successful Social Media Strategy

social media, marketingWhether you’ve been working hard at social media for years or you’re simply looking to create your first social media strategy, there are certain pillars that every sound social media strategy must contain.

It has been well-established that social media and inbound marketing can be very powerful marketing tools. It seems like nearly everyone can be found on Facebook or Twitter these days, and even those few individuals who avoid social media are influenced by friends who use it.

Social media may be a fairly new medium for marketing, but many of the classic marketing principles remain the same. When developing your social media strategy be sure to keep these crucial aspects for success in mind.

1. Set Goals

Social media is a fluid marketing medium. There will be ups and downs, and much of your success will be difficult to measure. That’s why it’s important to set concrete goals that can be measured with actual data. Set goals for likes, retweets, reach, or even simply the number of posts you want to make per week. Having attainable goals will help you measure success and motivate your future efforts.

2. Know Your Market

As with any traditional marketing, it is important to know and understand the individuals that you are marketing to. You don’t need everyone in the world to love you (and that’s also not going to happen), you only need to ensure that your customers like you and follow your message. Identify your primary market and tailor your content for them.

3. Know Your Product

It’s hard to sell something you don’t know anything about. That’s why it’s crucial that social media marketers know every in and out of the product or service they’re promoting. By being able to articulate the nuances and benefits of the product or service while also understanding who they’re marketing to, you’ll be able to craft a very strong social media strategy.

4. Build Your Brand

It is possible for some brands to be successful purely through social media, but its an unlikely circumstance. Many brands have more success by using social media as one piece of a larger marketing puzzle. Use your primary website, and a blog if you can manage, to establish yourself as a leading expert in your field and also increase your SEO.

Once you have an established presence you can use social media to drive customers to your site and continue to establish your brand and grow its influence.

5. What Networks Will Work for You?

There are dozens of social networks these days and not every one is right for every business. A software company most likely won’t benefit from using Instagram like a bakery will, but they will almost certainly benefit from using LinkedIn. It’s a good idea for a strong social media manager to be knowledgeable about every social network so that they can identify the ones which will be useful for them.

Facebook and Twitter are the standard networks recommended for every business pursuit.

6. When, What and How Often Will You Post?

Experts have done extensive research to determine the best time to post your social media updates to different social networks. This great infographic highlights the best and worst time to deliver your content to the world.

When it comes to how often to post, most experts recommend between 1-2 posts a day. You want to keep your name fresh in followers minds, but not inundate them with posts that might risk driving them away.

What to post will be almost entirely up to you, and can vary greatly based one the type of business you are marketing for. Some common tips that work for all businesses include using images and other visual means to make your posts stand out. Images have also been shown to increase engagement.

Consider these six points when crafting your social media strategy and you’ll be started on the right track. Keep testing, creating new content and trying new strategies and you’ll be a social media pro in no time.

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