5 Tips For Maximizing ROI With Marketing Automation

sales, marketing automationIt’s no secret that success in today’s world depends largely on technology and the way that you employ it. Marketing is certainly not immune to the march of progress, and new marketing technologies are shaping the industry in ways no one ever thought possible. Enter marketing automation, a simple tool with the ability to grow your list, find new leads, improve sales, and deliver better customer service across the board. Marketing automation is an amazing and invaluable tool, and it’s high time that you learned how to employ it properly.

Today we’re going to discuss a handful of ways that you can make this exciting new technology work for you. Marketing automation, by its very definition, exists to make your life easier. It manages all of the old tasks you used to have to do manually, so that you have more time to work on the bigger picture.

1. Keeping Score: Rating leads may be one of the most useful aspects of current marketing automation systems. Establish what you’re looking for in a lead, and then let the system do the sorting for you. Stop wasting your time with cold and dead leads, and start focusing on those leads that are going to convert to sales and drive revenue to your business. Marketing automation can create and track leads to help you know where to focus your efforts.

2. Build a Landing Page: Even the most powerful automated marketing tools can’t stand alone, they need great content and other assets to support them. This is the role of the landing page. It will hold your valuable contact forms that will create leads that are then driven into the marketing automaton system. There the leads are analyzed and ranked, saving you loads of time and effort.

3. Send Tailor-Made Emails: Everyone is familiar with email lists, but these days sending out one massive email to your entire list just isn’t going to cut it. Marketing automation allows you to analyze your customer’s behaviors so that you can learn what they’re after and tailor a specific email to each target segment. This more targeted approach will drive clicks, and more clicks means more sales.

4. Sharing On Social Media: Many marketing automation systems have cross-platform capabilities that make it easy to distribute your social media content to multiple networks at once. This saves you time and lets your maintain a cohesive brand message across all of your networks.

5. Automate Email Marketing: Once you’ve analyzed your customer’s behaviors and created several email lists, you can begin the process of automated email marketing. These automated workflows are highly efficient and will keep you in constant contact with your leads. The time the system saves you will also allow you to focus on more important things, like the content of your emails.

There are many other ways that marketing automation can help you maximize the returns on your distributed content, but these five will be plenty to get anyone started down the right path. Remember, marketing automation works for you, but like any tool you must first learn how to use it.

Get started with marketing automation today, you won’t regret it! If you have any questions about marketing automation software, or the utilization of marketing automation you can always ask the experts at The Mission Suite.

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